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Monday 8th June


Start with a warm up challenge.

Year 3

Can I  recognise the properties of rectangles?

Visit the website below and work through the quiz, video and the questions on the slides. There is a recap quiz at the end. I have saved some extra questions if you want a challenge.


Year 4

Can I solve a money problem using a systematic method?


Visit the National Oak academy website and work through the quiz, video and questions on the slides. Have a go at the challenge question on Slide 4 if you can.


There is an extra question saved below if you would like to do it.


Can I identify and use imperative and modal verbs?

Today you will be doing the next National Oak Academy lesson about different types of verbs. Visit the website and work through the video up to 15 minutes  and accompanying slides up to Slide 9. I have also saved the questions as a document below if you want to print in out and write the answers on a sheet.


Practise your handwriting of the words with ch and a k sound.

The words are saved below.

Topic Geography

Can I use compass directions and give directions using a map?


Start by watching the two video clips at the bbc bitesize website:


Read the information on the webpage and complete Activity 1


Next read the information about compass directions and do the short activity at the OS website:


Go to the quiz section on the same website and select Compasses and Directions on the Spinner 


Finally, go to the website you looked at last week   Put the school postcode SO32 1JD into the box and scroll down the page to see the map of the area. Press zoom in once to see more detail. Look at the OS map of Upham and the surrounding area below. Give directions in how you would get between the two places below by road, using compass directions, landmarks and features between different places:

  • Bishops Waltham church to Upham church
  • Big Path Farm (NE of Upham)  to Durley Hall Farm
  • Phone box in Dean to the pub in Lower Upham


Choose your own routes to describe.





Reading and Spellings

Spend some time reading a book of your choice. It can be fiction or non-fiction whatever you would enjoy.

Practise your spelling sentences.