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Monday 29th June

Good morning Class Four and welcome to another week of home learning.

It's been a very busy weekend as I went down to Cornwall for some more time with my family. I'm feeling very tired this morning so it will be a very early night for me tonight!

I set off very early on Saturday morning and stopped at my sister's for a yummy breakfast in Plymouth. Then I popped to Saltash to go for a walk with one of my friends who I hadn't seen since Christmas. After that I drove down to Callington for a socially distanced garden picnic with my Auntie Paula and my Gran, and my Mum and sister met me there too. My Gran and Auntie Paula hadn't seen anyone for the whole of lockdown as my Gran is 87 and has a few health conditions and my Auntie Paula has been really poorly with something called Bell's Palsy which makes the side of your face drop and makes it really hard to eat and drink. They were really pleased to have some visitors and enjoyed seeing the dogs too. The picnic was hilarious because it was so windy and rainy. Gran and Auntie Paula sat in their conservatory and we sat outside, but the wind was so bad that the gazebo kept flying away!! We had lovely pies, cakes and scones though so it was all ok.

Then I drove down to Mum's and went for a lovely walk on the beach. In the evening, Flash was really cuddly so jumped up for a cuddle, the next thing I knew he was fast asleep - he's a bit big and heavy for lap cuddles!!

On Sunday morning I went for a run with Mum, then drove into St Austell for a walk with my Dad and sister. Then back to Mum's for lunch and another lovely walk on the beach with all three dogs. Then it was the long drive back. It was a really lovely weekend but I am sooooo tired now!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to do some nice things with your family/friends. 

Have a great day today, keep up all the amazing work you are doing.

Love Miss Olver x

Here is a message from Mrs Soley:

Good morning everyone,

I hope you had a lovely weekend, at least we had some sunshine and I hope you managed to get outside for a while.

As it was mine and Mr Soley’s wedding anniversary on Thursday, we had booked to go to Kingston Lacy in Dorset.  The weather looked a bit dodgy but thankfully it cleared up and we managed to walk around the estate without getting wet.  In fact, it was quite warm at times.  I have included a selection of my photos of our day out.  Because of the lockdown, the estate managers have struggled to keep the place looking as normal but to be honest, the whole wild meadow look was quite nice.  There was a lot to see anyway, have a look in the trees, what can you see?  It was nice to see that the National Trust are still thinking about what children can do as they walk around.  I liked that they had left things lying around so that they could make faces, I particularly like the one with the leaf beard.  They have really tried to make things interesting as you walk around.  The wooden signs were nice as they encouraged you to stop and listen and look.  There were lots of these but I especially like the one about the senses and the butterflies.

Mr Soley and I always try to have a coffee when we go to a National Trust property, they do make a good cappuccino!  When we were in the café, we noticed a sign saying that whatever you buy the money goes towards feeding the ruby red cattle.  So, here’s a photo of one of the cattle, this one was particularly thirsty. 

When we were walking through the woodland, we noticed lots of little things for children to climb on or look at along with activities like making the faces.  Well, I couldn’t resist the stepping stones!  I hadn’t noticed how long the trail was though, it wound around and ended up where we had just walked.  I did it though!!

My final photo is of a lovely tree tunnel.  The sun had just come out at the point when we reached the start and the colours with the sunlight and shade were beautiful.  As you can see, the tunnel winds round to the left so you cannot see through to the end. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our day out; it was lovely just to be outside somewhere different and the shortbread was a welcome treat too. 

I hope you have a good week with your home learning and I look forward to reading your emails and seeing your photos.

Take care.

Best wishes.

Mrs Soley xx

Here is another lovely origami creation:
I am looking forward to PE with Joe this morning as I haven't done one of his workouts since Wednesday last week. He did one on Saturday, so we are going to do that workout tomorrow instead so we will have some more this week.



Year 5

This week we are going to be doing some work on rounding and estimating and addition and subtraction. Today you are going to be working on using rounding and estimating to help you make a sensible guess about what your answer should be and to help you check your answers. Click on the link below to watch the video - it's not the normal White Rose link, so make sure you click the link below! Work through the worksheet and then check your answers.

If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the extension sheet below. It has two problems on similar to the pink ones we often do at the end of our Maths lessons in class. I have attached the answers so you can check your work.

Year 6

This week we are going to be starting a new unit on co-ordinates. Today you will be learning about the First Quadrant on the co-ordinate grid. I have attached a link below for today's video - it's not on the normal White Rose website, so make sure you click this link. This is because we have already covered the work on the White Rose website for this week. Watch the video, work through the worksheet and then check your answers. I've attached a document showing my workings for Q5 in case you get a little stuck on this one.

If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the extension sheet below. It has two extra problems on, similar to the pink problems we often do at the end of our Maths lessons in school. I've attached the answers so you can check your work.


For your silent writing this week, you are going to need to be quite imaginative and creative! I want you to imagine that you have found a new species of animal. You are going to be writing a diary entry sharing with your reader how you found the new species, what the new species is like and how you feel about the discovery. Your art session with Mrs Soley tomorrow will be based on this new species!

As always, you will be planning your writing today, writing tomorrow, then finishing, editing and improving your writing on Wednesday. Please plan your writing using the planning sheet below.


Over the past few weeks, we have looked at some different beliefs about Creation and thought about our own ideas and questions related to this concept.

Today, I would like you to think about Christian beliefs. Although all Christians believe that God created the world, there are different beliefs about how. Some Christians believe that the creation story told in Genesis is completely true and that God did create the whole universe in exactly six days. Some Christians believe that the creation story told in Genesis gives an overview of creation, but that each day represents a much longer timeframe. Some Christians believe different things again to this.

In your books, draw a continuum line with the words 'All Christians Believe' at one end and the words 'No Christians Believe' at the other end. Then cut out the statements in the document below and stick them on where you feel they belong.

Finally, choose three different statements at different points on the continuum line and explain why you feel they belong where you have put them.

Spellings and Reading

Mrs Kimble has written some new spelling sentences for you this week.

Start practising these sentences today ready for your test on Friday.

Also do some independent reading of your choice.