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Friday 12th June

Good morning and happy Friday Class Four - it's almost the weekend!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed your home learning this week. A few of you have already sent through some of your work this week and I've been so impressed with everything I've received, it's lovely to see how hard you are all still working at home.

It's been a busy week here - I'm feeling very tired today, I think it's the change in routine of being back in school every day and cycling in all the time, I've got very achy legs! 

I did the online virtual quiz last night on Zoom with my Dad, sister and her best friend, so that was nice. We aren't very good at it though and never score many points, but it is good fun and it's always nice to see them on the screen.

Today is Friday so I'm looking forward to receiving your emails to see what you've been up to. Please can you send me your germ leaflet, creation art work and anything else you would like to share with me smiley

Have a good day learning today and a lovely weekend - the weather looks like it will be good so hopefully you can go outside and do lots of nice things. Love Miss Olver x

Here is a message from Mrs Soley:

Welcome to Friday everyone,

I hope you have all had a good week and enjoyed your learning.  We created some lovely artwork of the creation story this week and I have seen one or two on the email.  I hope to see many more examples over the weekend. 

The weather is looking lovely this weekend so I think Mr Soley and I will be out and about somewhere for a walk or even a cycle.  Hopefully, we can meet up with Hannah and Jacob for a walk and maybe a picnic again.  As Jacob loves eating, there is a good chance we will go for a picnic.  I have included a photo of him showing what he looks like after dinner, he obviously wears some of it.  His mummy uses a painting overall instead of a bib because he is quite messy.  He enjoys feeding himself and does not let anyone help.  Miraculously, he does not waste very much.  However, you would not think his mother feeds him as in one of the other photos he is eating his sock, mmmm cheesy!

I have included a photo of a flower, which I saw when Miss Olver and I were out on our lunchtime walk during this week.  It caught my eye for a couple of reasons; it was a lovely purple colour and when you got up close, it was almost silvery in the sunshine.  Can you see how it is almost a perfect sphere?

My final photo shows Jacob trying to climb the stairs, hence the stair gate to stop him.  Actually, he is very good at climbing up; he just has not worked out how to get down again.  I wonder how you all learnt to climb the stairs and get down again, hopefully without too many tumbles. 

Wishing you all a very good weekend, have a nice rest so that you are ready for some more learning on Monday. 

Best wishes.

Mrs Soley xx

I thought you might like to see some of the beautiful pieces of Creation artwork that Class Four members have produced this week. These are the ones I have received so far - I'll put some more up on Monday if anyone sends them through today or over the weekend.
It's fancy dress Friday!!!! I wonder what he will be wearing today?


Today is Friday which means problem solving day. I have written you some worded problems about germs and classifying living things. I enjoyed writing these as I found out lots of new facts - hopefully you will learn some new facts too as you work through these questions. Read the questions carefully, think about which operation you will need to use. Remember that worded problems always need a worded answer! I have included the answers which show my workings in case you're not sure which method to use (remember there are lots of different methods you can use, you don't always have to use the same ones as me!).


Sorry - I made a mistake in the answers earlier but have since corrected them!! Remember - mistakes grow your brain and even teachers make them!


Remember to make an entry into your diary/journal at some point today.


Today, for your English session, I would like you to work on your reading comprehension skills. Earlier in the week, for your topic work, you learnt about classifying animals and plants into different categories. You found out about a famous scientist called Carolus Linnaeus who was very important in developing these systems. In today's reading, you will find out a bit more about this scientist. Read the text carefully and then answer the questions. I have included a document with the answers on so that you can check your work.


Sports Dave has put up a new skills video and some more weekly challenges on his page – work through these today. To get to his page, go to the News section of the website and then choose the Sport and Keeping Active Home Learning page.

Spellings and Reading

Today is Friday, which means it is spelling test day! As always you have two choices:

  1. Watch the video of me reading the spelling sentences for your test. Remember that you can pause it and replay it as many times as you like.
  2. Ask an adult to read the sentences aloud for you as you write them down.

If an adult is free, then you could ask them if they would very kindly mark your sentences for you. If not, then use the document below to mark them yourself. Good luck!

Also remember to do some independent reading of a book of your choice.

Spelling Test 12th June

Still image for this video