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Thursday 14th May

Good morning Class 2.

Today I am in school and guess what? I am going to try and cycle in. I have my new pink helmet ready, Mr Miller has done all of my safety checks and I have got my bravery button switched to maximum!

I am looking forward to seeing Miss Newton today as it has been nearly 2 months since I have seen her. I have seen all of the fabulous ideas she has given you for cooking and I hope she can give me some good tips on some new recipes to try.

At home Issy and Hayden have been working hard with their learning but we have had some fun too. This weeks challenge was to build the tallest card tower.Issy and Hayden both had different styles and it took a lot of patience.

Maybe you could try this at home too.

Enjoy your learning today

love Mrs Miller x


Today's question - Have you practised your spellings? They are on Monday's page. 


Morning Job

Follow the instructions on the sheet below and see what happens.

See a plant drink


Today is reading and understanding what you have read. 


Once again there are sheets to choose from, the level of difficulty is indicated by a star at the bottom of the sheet. Choose the level you think would best suit your child. There are 14 pages in the document, you won't need to print them all! 


So far this week, we have been practising counting. Today you will be looking carefully at numbers and representing them in different ways.

Click on the Year 1 or Year 2 link below to find your lesson:


Now is your chance to be a real rain forest explorer. Choose one of the animals from these pages to research. 

You have today and tomorrow's topic lessons to find out as much as you can about your animal. See if you can find out -

  • its habitat
  • which layer of the rainforest it lives in
  • how it is suited to its environment
  • is it nocturnal?
  • is it dangerous?
  • is it poisonous?
  • does it have any predators?
  • have you seen one in real life? 

You can make notes however you would like, but you might find this next sheet helpful. 

Look at these clips of animals. Some of the animals are NOCTURNAL - which means they are active during the night and sleep during the day. You don't have to watch all the clips and if you find better ones, enjoy them!