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Tuesday 19th May

Good morning Class 2!

Did you try out the tricky word jumping game? I hope you had fun if you did!

Did you spot something new on the Class 2 home page? While we were in school yesterday, Miss Newton was busy adding some new writing resources to the website. I know that some of you are finding it difficult to write at home because you don't have the same things to help you as in school. So, Miss Newton has added some spelling, phonics and handwriting mats for you to download, print and use at home. I really hope you find them helpful!

Are you doing lots of physical activity at home? Don't forget to keep checking PE Dave's part of the website for new sports challenges. I know there is a new video on there! I am going to try it this weekend at home with Finley.

I hope you have a lovely day!

Love Mrs Sothcott x

Good morning Class 2

It’s Mrs Miller again!

What a glorious day it was yesterday. I enjoyed a lovely walk with Max through the woods and then when I got home I tried out a new recipe for our tea. I am not sure that my beetroot risotto should have been AS pink as it was, but it did taste quite delicious, even if I do say so myself!

I was so pleased to receive emails from some of you who attempted my mind workout. What a clever bunch you are.

I wonder what new fact you will learn today. I seem to learn something new everyday while I help Isabelle with her learning.

Anyway, have a fun day and smile lots

Love Mrs Miller x


Today we are editing our final piece of Mighty Writing about the rainforest and we want it to be brilliant. 


Yr 1 Check you have all your capital letters in the right places - for the start of a sentence and for names. 


Yr 2 Check you have written a command, a statement, a question and and exclamation in your work and have used the correct punctuation for each. 


Are you enjoying the BBC maths lessons? I like the little videos at the beginning! Today, year 1s are counting tens and ones and year 2s are counting coins.

Click on the link below to find your maths lesson for today:


Design and Technology

Did you finish your pop-up information page? I have been so impressed with all of the pages you have emailed me. Some of you had such creative and complicated designs! I have asked Miss Newton to add your pop-up pages to our Class 2 photo gallery so have a look and see if yours is in there! 

When you make something, it is a good idea to evaluate it. This helps us to think about what went really well and what we might do differently next time. I would like you to complete the evaluation sheet below. Think carefully about each question and try to answer by writing a full sentence. Remember to say your sentence out loud before writing it down!

Elmer day activity booklet

Dear Class 2,

On the 23rd May it is Elmer day! I thought that maybe you might like to take part and do some activities but you do not have to do it. 

I am going to some activities with Esme and  look at the books. For more information visit their website .

Have fun!

with love from Miss Newton