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Wednesday 8th July


Start by doing your board calculations below. Remember to mark your work and do any corrections if you have them.

Year 3

Can I add and subtract mass ?


Click on the link

Watch the video for Week 11 Day 3 Add and subtract mass


Your worksheet, answers and extra challenge are saved below.

Year 4

Can I  identify the properties of triangles ?


Click on the link

Watch the video for Week 11 Day 3 Triangles


Your worksheet, answers and extra challenge are saved below.


Can I compare stories ?

Go back to and .

Re-listen to the readings of both The Night Shimmy and Silly Billy.

Your task is to compare the two stories. Answer the questions on the document saved below.

Both Eric and Billy have things that worry or upset them at bedtime. Eric has horrible lizard dreams while Billy worries about all sorts of quite scary things happening to him.


What advice would you give to someone who was worried about settling down in bed at night?


Read the suggestions below. You might also have some really good ideas of your own that are not on the list.


  1. have a special toy or teddy with you
  2. leave the bedroom door open
  3. leave a light on
  4. tell your family about anything that is bothering you
  5. read a cheerful, happy story
  6. use worry dolls
  7. use a dream catcher



Pick the three best ideas of your own or from your own ideas, write a short paragraph to give advice to someone who was worried about nightime. For each, say what the idea is, then explain why or how you think that would really help someone who was worried at night.



Today you will be finally finishing your insect sculptures. The instructions below are to add tissue paper to the sculpture to add colour. You can follow these instructions if you have any tissue paper. Otherwise, you could use paint instead.

Do take a picture of your creation and email to me if you can!

Have fun.

Times tables

Spend some time learning your times tables, either online or using your flashcards or singing songs! Whatever takes your fancy!