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Thursday 4th March 2021

Good morning Class 1

Good morning on World Book Day!

Still image for this video
Hayden Miller felt like writing a story for Class 1 on World Book Day. Here he is reading it to you.  All the teaching staff have made short videos of reading stories for World Book Day too.  If you would like to investigate and hear any of these, click on the link below Hayden.

Hayden's story

Let's start the morning off by singing a jolly springtime song 

Spring Chicken

Letters and Sounds

Let's start off with this song where the vowel sounds are changed - we love singing this at school - I love the monsters too!

Practise your sounds using the powerpoint below.
Watch the Alphablocks and see if you can blend the letters together to read the words.

Today we are going to be learning a new trigraph - air.  Watch Mrs Mason introduce it below.

If you feel that learning a new trigraph would be too hard for your child just now, practise blending and reading 3 lettered words with the Learning with Lotty link below for 5 minutes instead.  Continue from where you got up to on Tuesday.

Introducing the trigraph air

See if you can read the air words with the video below.

Letter Blending + sight words + Phonics | READING LESSONS for Kids

This fun kids learning video is perfect for learning how to blend consonants and vowels. Your child will also learn abc phonics and even be taught introducto...

Finally, play Picnic on Pluto with air words.

Today's Get Active Exercise

Number Time

Join in with the song 10 green bottles.  Put 10 fingers up to start off with and fold one down each time a bottle falls off the wall.  See if you can work out the number left each time.

Now watch Miss Cooper finding different ways to total ten using tens frames, numerals and dice.  Then carry out the numeral activity shown on the slide next to the video.  If you are finding this easy to do, try it with numeral cards to 20.  We are on week 2, session 4 of Building 9 & 10.

11.30 am - World Book Day class 1 meet up on Google Classroom

Come dressed up in any costume you like (if you want to) (it doesn't have to be a character from a book) and bring a favourite book too and let's share some more time together before we return to school on Monday.

Story Time - The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark

See if this story reminds you of any other stories you know!

Tuesday Read Aloud - The Three Little Fish and The Big Bad Shark

Happy Heart Jigsaw Activity

Watch Mrs Hayward on the video link below introduce how to make a happy heart.  It has been a very strange couple of months during lockdown where we have had to stay at home a lot and  have not been able to go to school or to visit friends and family whenever we want.   However, when you stop and think, there are many things we can still do and still have that continue to make us happy and it is these things that we are thinking about today.  So what things have made you happy in lockdown?  Watch the video and have fun making your very own happy heart.  (You can get your parents to do all the writing - you can do all the drawings!).  I would be really grateful if you could make time to do this activity with your child and to  send a photo of the heart and the list over to me as we could use these next week as a way into what we have been doing during lockdown and the positives it has brought.



Now spend a few minutes reading on Bug Club.


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Password:   class2

School Code: H9m6