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Activities and challenges you might like to try in the holidays

Design a T-shirt

The Joe Wickes homework challenge this week is to design a logo for a 'PE with Joe' T-shirt, which you can send to him

The winning design will be made into T-shirts which will be sold to raise money for the NHS. Send it to

#Homework with Joe on his Twitter or Facebook page.

Maths game

This is a link to a game which will help you think about properties of number and shape.

Learn something new

Try a new skill or practise to get better at something you already can do. If like me, you fancy learning a new language try  on your computer or download the App on a tablet or phone. There are many different languages you could try including French and Spanish.


Below is my recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Instead of chocolate you can add whatever ingredients you fancy! Sweets, dried fruit or nuts perhaps. If you do any cooking, do send a photo so I can add it to the gallery!

Flower arrangement

You can make this with any flowers and foliage you can find in your garden. The bow on the jam jar was made with a plastic wrapper from a bag of carrots. You could use anything for this. Or find a pretty cup to put the flowers into.

Nature hunt

Go on a search for creatures in your garden. There are many places you can look, try underneath leaves, turn over logs or stones or just look closely in the grass. There are some cards below which may help you name some of the minibeasts you find.

If you go for a walk, perhaps you could try to find different wild flowers. There is an information booklet which tells you more about many common plants you might spot.

French Easter

Miss Kimber has kindly made these resources for us as she is a French specialist.

There is an excellent Powerpoint presentation, then an activity for you to make an Easter card with the greetings in French.

Story writing



Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of the perfect house for a dog to live in? Think carefully about what it might have inside it.

Story starter!

Toby poked his large, shaggy head out of his front door and sniffed. He loved the smell of the forest, especially first thing in the morning. He could almost taste the fresh, leafy goodness on his slobbering tongue as he dangled it out of his yawning mouth.

He could hear a rustling noise coming from nearby; one of the others was awake. You see, Toby wasn’t the only dog that lived in the forest…

An eggsperiment !

Watch the video to see what happens when eggs are put in different liquids. If you have any spare eggs you could try the experiment yourself.

Maths activities

Try the den building activity or the times tables card game saved below.

Chocolate  Easter nests 🐣 

Have a go at making these yummy chocolate nest. You can use Cornflakes, Rice Crispies or Shreddies. I make every year for my church’s Easter a Fun Day, sometimes I make about 60!

Send me a picture of them when you’re done.
Mrs Lambert x 👩‍🍳  😊




Art and craft

I have added a couple of things you might like to make.

There are instructions for an Easter basket which you might be lucky enough to fill with a few chocolate eggs on Easter morning.


There is also a pack which shows you how to make lots of different minibeast models and at the end of the pack there is a playscript to perform with the models you have made!


Here is a simple board game to play with someone in your family which would be good for practising mental adding and subtracting.

Make a hedgehog home

This activity will need help from an adult at home and needs quite a lot of equipment but I thought I would add it for anyone who wants a bigger project and has a shed or garage full of odds and ends like me!