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Start by asking a grown up to test you on your spelling words for this week. 

Can I read and spell words with the suffixes -sure and -ture?


Open the Powerpoint saved by clicking the link above. Read the words on each page. Think about what each word means. There are picture clues to help you. If you are still unsure, look up any words you don't know using a dictionary.


Choose 10 different words from this Powerpoint. Write a sentence for each word. Try to use some words that you may not have written before especially if you want a challenge. You could also think about the work we have been doing on conjunctions and use some of these in your sentences.


Finally read the spelling sentences for this week. Start working on these ready for the test next Friday.

Spellings 21.1.22 Test 28.1.22

In the future, we will paint a picture of the strange creature.

In literature, many adventure stories feature an escape from danger.

The miniature sculpture had an unusual texture.