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Home learning


It is Friday so we have a mix of worded problems with an Easter theme. There are 3 levels of difficulty on the same document. Choose the set of questions you think is a suitable level of challenge for you. The page with one star is less challenging, the one with three stars is most challenging.

Do as many as you can in an hour but I don't expect you to do all of the questions in one lesson. If you come across a tricky one please don't worry. Just do what you are able to do. Remember to write out your calculations and write your answer in a sentence.

The answers are on the sheet too so you can mark your work and do any corrections.



Someone asked me how to do question 11 on the 3 stars problems. You need to use a bar model. I have shown you how to do it on the document below.

Method to solve question 11 3 stars problem


First ask someone to read out your spelling sentences for your test. Good luck!

Spelling sentences 27.3.20   Test  3.4.20

The submarine prepared to depart from the harbour.

I’m unhappy if there’s power cut at night as I dislike the dark.

Because the circuit is disconnected, the bulb remains unlit.


Today your task is to write a short newspaper report about a robot rescue. Use your plans from yesterday. Before you start, read through the Powerpoint presentation about the content of each part of a newspaper.


There is a template saved that you can use if you want to or you can type your report.


Please send me your written work when you have finished and checked it through.


I look forward you reading your reports!


PE Dave has posted his next video lesson. It looks fun again. You need a tennis ball and a racket if you have one.

I hope you enjoy it! The link is below or go to the Sport and Active learning link on  our school website.



Finishing off time

Use any time you have to finish off anything you didn't have time to complete this week. If you have any spelling corrections, do those now too. If you are up to date, enjoy reading a book, doing some drawing or practising times tables.