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Day 1 Class 3


This activity is to consolidate work we have been learning on Place value. 

Watch the video and try the activity by clicking on the website :



Next there is a second similar task using more counters.

The instructions are on the first page of the document saved below and the task sheet on the second.


Year 4 - you can extend this task by using 6 counters on a Th  H T O place value grid. 



Can you find a way to solve these problems in an organised way?

Can you find the difference between the largest and smallest numbers you make?

Are there less solutions if you have less counters on the grid? 



Watch the short film called 'The way back home' by clicking on the link:

When you have finished watching the film, verbally retell the story to someone at home or even your favourite teddy bear!



Write a short story book version of this story that would be suitable for children in CLass 2. 

Aim to use a range of conjunctions in your story. To help you with this, watch and read the information about conjunctions at the bbc bitesize website by clicking on the link below.



PHSE/ Science

Learn more about staying active to keep healthy by watching the National Oak Academy lesson saved below:

You can try to measure your pulse rate at rest and after doing exercise. 

You will be making a planner to record the amount of physical activity you do each day, aiming for 1 hour a day.


Extra challenge

Make a poster to encourage other children to exercise for an hour a day. Make this eye-catching and include ideas for different types of exercise.



Reading / Spelling


Spend some time reading a book. This could be fiction or non-fiction. If you can, talk to someone at home about what you have read.


Practise your spelling sentences for the week, which are saved under Our Children, Class 3, Spelling Sentences