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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Mrs Mason's morning message (and song!) 2nd April

Letters and Sounds

Join in singing the Jolly phonics songs with the children.

Jolly Phonics songs ch, sh, th, ng

Jolly Phonics songs vowel digraphs part 1

Read through the high frequency words on the powerpoint below - most can be sounded out.

We are going to concentrate on our new trigraph "ear" again today.  Click on the link below to run the powerpoint.  Don't forget to run the slideshow.  When it says write down the sounds I say, can you say ch, sh, th and ng and see how they get on.  Take no notice of the pirate  buried treasure picture towards the end but it would be good if they could write a sentence about the dog and the cat.

If your child would be better suited practising blending three individual sounds together, continue working through the Lotty Learns video for another five minutes instead.

Letter Blending + sight words + Phonics | READING LESSONS for Kids

This fun kids learning video is perfect for learning how to blend consonants and vowels. Your child will also learn abc phonics and even be taught introducto...

Now have a go at playing "Rocket Rescue" on PhonicsPlay and see how much of the rocket you can build by sounding out each word correctly - good luck.

Username: jan21

Password:  home

David Walliams Live World Book Day assembly - 10.30 am

You might like to take a look at David Walliam's assembly today which he is holding in relation to World Book Day this week.  If you like Gangster Granny or Mr Stink, then you might be interested in what David has to say as he is the person that wrote those two stories and many others beside.  Click on the link below at 10.30 am if you are interested.



Number Time

Let's start today with a story about a train travelling through India.

Today we are exploring different amounts between 0 and 10 by grabbing handfuls of cubes/beads/buttons/sweets etc.  See if you can use the correct language of more and greater and smaller and fewer correctly as you try the activity with another family member.  Use the number track to help you that is on the activity sheet to the side of the video.  We are on Building 9 and 10, week 2, session 2.


Today we are going to practise the letter u.  Start at the top and down, under and up the umbrella and then back down and flick into the puddle.  See how you get  on.  This will help you get ready for writing the letter y later in the week.  You will need to download page 62 on the link below.

The 3 Little Rigs - Wrecking Ball Investigation
Yesterday we heard the story of The 3 Little Rigs.  Now in that story the big bad wrecking ball kept knocking the different garages down.  Now we never found out what that wrecking ball was made of and how it came to be so good at knocking down the different garages.  Today we are going to do a bit of investigating to see what different things we have at home that we could make into wrecking balls and to see which would be the best at knocking down a garage.  So you are going to have to make a garage first.  Why not have a go at making this out of card or paper, or have you got an empty food box of some sort that you could use?  Then you need to use different things to make your wrecking ball with.  So you will need a piece of string to tie your wrecking ball to each time.  You could try making your ball with scrunched tissue, cotton wool, scrunched paper, scrunched fabric, scrunched tin foil, a marble, ping pong ball, a tin or any other thing you might have at home - it's up to you, but you need to try and make your wrecking ball the same size each time and hold it on the same length of string each time so that it is fair.  Then one at a time swing your wrecking ball into your house and see what damage it causes.  Can you think of a way of recording how well each wrecking ball did.  Have fun everyone and send over a copy of what you did and/or pictures and let me know what you found out.


Now spend a few minutes reading on Bug Club.


Username:  initial and surname, eg jmason (no space)

Password:   class2

School Code: H9m6

Story time with Mrs Miller

The Aliens are coming Story

Today's Get Active Exercise