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Can I spell words ending in -ture ?


Work through the Powerpoint saved below.

Can I edit and improve my writing?

Last Thursday, your task was to write a letter as either Philemon or Baucis (from the myth The Oak and the Linden Tree)

to a friend describing the strange events that happened when Jupiter and Mercury visited their home. 


In this lesson, I would like you to complete this letter if you have not done this yet. Then I would like you to work on editing your writing. I have added several resources on the first page under the English resources tab. These will help you edit and improve what you have written.


  • Start by reading the whole letter aloud. Does it all make sense? Are there any words you have missed out? If so change these.
  • Now check your punctuation carefully, does every sentence start with a capital letter and end with a full stop? Do names (proper nouns) have a capital letter? If you have a list you need a comma. Year 4 if you have used a fronted adverbial you need a comma for example:   After chasing the goose for a while, we were exhausted.
  • Look at your spelling. I have added a few helpful resources to the Class 3 page for example a high frequency word list and a phonics chart to help you. If you have a dictionary at home, you could look up a couple of words to check. Think about the spelling rules we have learnt for adding ed   ing and plurals
  • Finally, think about the words and sentences you have used. How could you make some improvements to the content?  Perhaps you could add some adjectives or adverbs.  Could you link a sentence using a conjunction eg because, so, although, but


When you are happy with your letter, please send me you work. I look forward to reading these.