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Monday 8th June 2020

Good morning everybody,

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Hopefully, we will have a couple of days of sun and cloud before the rain comes back later in the week.  I must admit that it got so chilly we nearly put the fire back on at home, but we are made of tough stuff in the Mason household so we all just sat there huddled under blankets!  Yesterday was a lovely sunny day and two of my friends from the ukulele group I belong to came over to my garden and we spent an hour or so strumming tunes and singing songs together - when we had finished, we all had big smiles on our faces - you can't beat a good sing-song.  Take a look in the gallery at some of the worm stories and activities at home that some of you have been doing.  We have a worm on a rainbow and another one in dinosaur land! I'm planning on cycling into school today.  If you've got time, why don't you take your bikes out for a spin too.   I hope you all have a good day today.

Letters and Sounds

Practise reading your sounds using flash cards time challenge on Phonics Play.

Read the tricky words and high frequency words below.

Get your sound mat out to help you if necessary.  Practise writing the following 2 syllable words.  Remember sound out each syllable one at a time.  






We are going to be doing maths activities and making a book this week which use days of the weeks.  Because each day of the week is a proper name, we need to make sure it has a capital letter at the start of each day word.  Play "Big Letter Bunnies" on ICT Games to match the bunnies with capital letters to the bunnies with their corresponding small letter.
We are going to be making our own book this week based on the story "The Princess and the Wizard".  Click on the story link below to watch. 
Then, get a piece of A4 paper and fold it in half.  Today, you are going to make the front cover of your book.  Now you need to decide what your character is going to be who the Wizard keeps tricking out.  Do you want it to be a princess still, or perhaps a prince or a king or a queen, or just a boy or a girl.  Or perhaps an animal of some kind - you decide.  Then give your book a title - perhaps "The King and the Wizard" or "Olivia and the Wizard" - Write it nice and big in capital letters, and then draw a picture of your characters below.  We will then write a page of the book on each of the other days of the week.

Number Time

Click on the Oak Academy link - it's all about doubling today.

This week, the maths activities are all about the book "The Princess and the Wizard".  Today's activities are all about the pattern of the days of the week and patterns for an outfit or a pair of socks!

Minibeast Activities

There are many different types of minibeasts that live outside and we often refer to many of them as "insects".  Have a look at the powerpoint and watch the video clip below to find out what exactly an insect is.

Have a look at the minibeast pictures attached and see if any of them are insects.  Remember they have three body parts, six legs, and maybe wings and antennae.  Choose one or two  of the minibeast pictures to colour in.