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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning everybody,

I was a little surprised this morning to see a frost when I looked out the window - what a contrast to the lovely sunny days we had last week.  I had a very busy day yesterday - I started off doing the wrong Joe Wicks workout, somehow I managed to click on last Tuesday's but still enjoyed it.  Then I spent a good amount of the day in the garden washing seed trays and flower pots and planting flower seeds.  I had planted some vegetable seeds on Sunday and was thrilled to see that only 2 days later, the french beans were beginning to germinate - I could see a couple of shoots popping through the soil - magic.  

Hugo had a go at writing a story on his computer at home so I've started a story section in our gallery so you can all have a read (a couple of our class star in it).  The story gallery will also be a place to show off anyone else's stories which they might choose to write.   They can be long or short stories and can be written by you on paper with pictures too. 


Mrs Dawson has been keeping an eye on our gallery and was keen to tell you what she thought.


Message from Mrs Dawson

Good Morning Class 1 !  I’ve been looking on the class gallery and I’m so impressed with all the work you’ve been doing. Emi your egg looks lovely and Nicole you have put so much work into those cards, well done. Theo, such a lot of hard work, keep it up ! Jack, those pancakes look brilliant, I hope they tasted good too? Hugo, that looks really interesting, can you find any animals native to the UK? Charlie, that’s such a good idea and I bet you had fun finding all those things, hopefully Fletcher helped too. Esther, you’ve done so much great writing, well done ! Ethan, you did amazingly well circling all the initial sounds on your sheet. Last but not least well done boys for the super singing of the digraphs song (high five!) and also collecting and finding out all about the feathers.
I hope you’re all enjoying this different way of learning and also finding ways to be kind to each other.
Mrs D.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your phonemes using the powerpoint below.


Can you write the following sounds: ch, sh, th, ee, oa, oo.   Try sounding out and writing the words feet, boat, soon - use your sound mat to help you get the right digraph in the middle if you need to.

Watch the Geraldine the Giraffe video for short sound oo and then watch the Words and Pictures clip after and see if you can sound out and write down the words mentioned there.

Have a go at playing Tricky word bingo.  You can choose either the phase 2 tricky words which we've practised for longer such as no, go, I, the or you could go for the phase 3 tricky words which are more recent such as he, me, she, they, are.  Only print off the amount of boards you need to match the amount of people playing.  

Number Time - I'd like everyone to have a go at this at some point over the next few days if possible and email over their maps - I shall make a map section in the gallery so we can share.


Follow the link below and have a go at day number 3 on the "What the Ladybird heard" activities - making maps. Do listen to the 3 minute audio lady talk about these lessons, rather than just reading them as it makes so much more sense.  There's some really nice activities to choose from here but it really does need someone to talk to about if we are going to use the positional language such as above, below, over, under, next to, behind, in front of.  This talking can take place at the point of creating the map or once it is completed.  These activities are a chance for your child to really think about how to get their message across and choose the right words - don't just let them point and say "there"!  I think it would be a good idea also to label each building of where the animals live, such as hen, pig, cow, and I'd like the children to have a go at leading this labeling activity by sounding out each word and then using their sound cards to help write those sounds down in the correct order to write the word. Then write down how many of each animal are in each building - check your number cards to get the numbers round the right way!  For those of you who happily labelled the buildings, can you write a few short (or long if you really want to trick people out!) instructions of where we could find something you have hidden.  I'll see if I can follow them and find the hidden item.  If you want another challenge, can you calculate how many animals there are altogether on your farm?  You can use counters, or fingers, or draw the different amounts and count altogether. Happy mapping!


Tip 1: Draw lines for your child to write between for the instructions which will stop their writing getting huge and slidey.

Tip 2: If they say they can't draw buildings, tell them to just draw a square or rectangle - you might have to show them how to do this.


Today we are thinking about how Tom and Tess use crosses to celebrate Easter at home and at church.

Click on the powerpoint below to find out about this.