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Wednesday 29th April

Good morning lovely children, it has been so lovely to see your smiling faces on your emails. 


Today's question - What is your favourite colour? 


Morning Job

Use squares, rectangles and triangles to make a picture or repeating pattern. You could draw them, paint them, cut them out of paper or use shapes if you have them at home. 



Yr1 - you are practising reading high frequency words. Read a word and then colour it in. 


Yr2- you are practising grammar. Choose one of the sheets to complete, the first sheet is the easiest and they become more difficult as the numbers on the top go up. Choose the one you thing will be a challenge, but not too hard. 



Year 2

Today you are going to be solving some measuring problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You might need to use a page in your maths book to draw pictures or write out written strategies. Click on the link and select Summer Term Week 2 Lesson 3: Four operations with Length.

First watch the video, then have a go at the worksheet.

Year 1

Have you enjoyed the measuring length challenges? I have enjoyed receiving your emails and seeing photos of you doing lots of careful measuring. Today, you are going to move onto measuring mass/weight. Click on the link below and it will take you to the Year 1 page of the White Rose maths website. Select the first pink tab: Week 1 and look at Lesson 1 - Introduce Weight and Mass. First, watch the video. It will introduce the language involved in measuring weight and mass: heavier, lighter, heaviest, lightest. After watching the video, have a go at the activity.


Today we are going to locate (find) the United Kingdom (which is where we live) on a map of the World.


Map of the World

Look at this map of the World with a grown up. Talk about what you can see. 

  • Where is the United Kingdom on the map?
  • What do the colours tell us?
  • Why is the UK coloured in green? 
  • How big is the United Kingdom compared to other countries?
  • Which countries make up the UK? 


(Adults, if you decide to print this map keep it, you will need it again on Friday.)

Now look at this map of the United Kingdom.  Print it out if you can.

  • Where is Southampton?  Write it onto the map.
  • The UK is surrounded by water, what does that tell you? 
  • What are the names of the seas or channels around the UK?  
  • Are there any towns or cities you can locate- maybe someone you know lives there, or you have been there on holiday.


Map of the UK