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Friday 5th June 2020

Good morning Class 1,

The weather forecast has changed from a couple of days ago and is now cloud and sometimes sun - hooray!  I hope you have been enjoying learning about snails and worms.  Indie has made a super snail picture which you can have a look at in the gallery. I must say there are lots of snails and slugs around at the moment in amongst my flowers and runner beans at home, but we had real trouble at school yesterday trying to find worms for the wormery we made.  We looked in a mud pile first - just one or two non-movers in there.  So then we moved to the school field and poured a watering can of water on the grass and jumped up and down - no luck.  Next we moved to looking under tree strumps and found lots and lots of minibeast life but no worms and then we moved on to the compost heap and there we were rewarded with a few straggly worms which are now living in my cupboard, in their brand new wormery all wrapped up in black paper.  There's a picture of it below and if you look carefully, you will see one worm trying to escape out the top of the bottle and one worm starting to dig down into the soil and sand.  Do give it a go if you have some sand and soil at home, it wasn't hard to do, and hopefully will prove quite interesting to watch.  I 'll put the link below again of how to make one for anyone that would like to try.  Have a good day and enjoy the weekend too.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your letter sounds using your sound cards.

Then practise reading your tricky words.  Look carefully at tricky words what, when and out.  Tell your adult what is easy about each one and what is hard about each one.  Now see if you can write each one without looking.


Now use the game Alien Escape on Phonics Bloom to get the alien safely to his space ship by dragging the letters of words in the correct order.  Good luck.

We are now going to practise our high frequency words, words that come up a lot in our reading books which we will start to recognise by sight, the more we read them.  Play the Dinosaur Egg high frequency word game on ICT Games, it's a lot of fun and you'll soon be reading those words straight away.  You should be aiming to recognise the words in groups 3 and 4.  Only go on to these though if you can recognise and read the majority of words in groups 1 and 2.  
Play sentence substitution on ICT Games.  Use the sentence "The frog swam across the pool".  Have a go at writing this sentence down first.  Use your sound mat to help you and don't forget your finger spaces.  Then, adult, could you swap a word and ask your child to re-read the sentence each time you swap a word.  

Number Time

Can you make today's date from Numicon - it is the 5th June.


Watch the Oak Academy Friday maths video which is a recap of shape and numbers.



Now have a go at the Day 5 snail and the whale activities.   Talking about worms and snails being higher or lower than each other up a wall and making a map for snail trails.  Wiggly woo song below too!


PE Dave has added a new PE video.  Check it out and have a go.

Minibeasts Learning

Below is a link to a children's series on minibeasts - "Minibeast Adventure With Jess".  It's over an hour long but is full of 5 minute programmes on hunting for different minibeasts.  I've had a very quick look and thought the slug one was quite interesting - that starts at 22mins 43 secs.  There might be some others there that you like the look of too that give you some ideas for hunting minibeasts yourselves.  Happy hunting!

Helpful powerpoints for use with your child if you decide to send your child back  to school this term

I'm putting a couple of powerpoints below which you can use with your child to help explain things re: Covid 19 and returning to school when the time is right for you.  They are there if you need them and want to you use them. (but you don't have to).