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Thursday 28th January

Here is a morning message from Mrs Soley:

Thursday message 28


Here is today's challenge - I wonder which animals you will choose to be?!


Today, I would like you to start by completing your Beat That challenge. If you're working from home, then you should have received this in an email. If you're working in school, then you will need to get yours from your tray. If you haven't received one, please send me an email and I can send it to you. Give yourself 2 minutes to complete it. Let me know how you get on so I can update my tracker and if you pass, I can send you a new one ready for next week.

Today we are going to be working on long division when dividing numbers which are 4 digits. Watch the video first to see how to do this. Look at how the method works when the number divides equally and how to work through if it has a remainder.

Long Division With 4 Digit Numbers

Next choose a sheet to work on today. From what I have seen in school and heard via email, it sounds like most of you are really starting to get the hang of this method now, so try and challenge yourself to work through one of the harder options! I've attached my workings and answers so you can check your work.
If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at some of the division games Mrs Soley has found for you to try:

Topic - Part One

For the first part of your Topic session today, I would like you to create a piece of work which shares the facts you learnt about your God on Tuesday. You could:

- Create a mini fact page

- Create a Top Trumps style card

- Create a poster

- Make a short documentary video

Here are mine and Mrs Soley's:

11.30am Topic - Part Two Live

At 11.30am, join the Google Classroom Meet Link. I will ask each of you to share some of the facts you have learnt about your God. This way, all of us will find out lots of facts about all 5 Gods, even though each person has only had to research one. I will try and record as many of the facts as I can and will type them up as they may help you with your silent writing task next week.

See you at 11.30!

I know how much you enjoy colouring, so I thought I'd share these lovely pictures of the Mayan Gods. First, see if you can work out which God is shown in each picture then spend some time colouring them in.


Today is Thursday which means it is SPAG challenge day! First, read the message from Mrs Kimble. Next, read through the help sheet and then complete the challenge. Remember to send me any work you complete so I can send it over to Mrs Kimble for marking.

If you have time, practise your spellings ready for your test tomorrow.


Watch the video below of Mrs Soley reading 'The Mayan Creation Story'.

Maya Creation Story

Next work through the comprehension questions and then check your work.

There are three options:

Easiest: Text on P1-2, Questions on P3-4, Answers on P5-6

Middle: Text on P7-8, Questions on P9-10, Answers on P11-12

Hardest: Text on P13-14, Questions on P15-16, Answers on P17-18

*Mrs Soley read the text from the hardest option, but the others have the same storyline with just a simpler version of the story.*

*There seem to be a couple of errors in the answer sheets, sorry! If you choose the hardest version of the text, on Q2, the first line should be false. Tepeu is not known as the feathered spirit, instead it is Q'uq'umatz who is.

And for some reason the answers for Q8 and 9 have been swapped over, but they are both there!

That's the trouble when you borrow an activity from someone else instead of making it yourself!

Thank you to the pupil who pointed this out to me!*