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Monday 1st June


Start by practising your times tables using your Numberlink board or your flash cards.


Year 3

Can I recognise angles?

This is a consolidation lesson following on from the work you did in the week before half term.


There is an extra worksheet for you to do if you have time.

Year 4

Can I solve problems using different units of measure?

Watch the video and do the questions on the quiz and worksheets at:


There are some more problem solving questions involving mass saved below to do if you want an extra challenge.


Can I give opinions in response to a video or text?


Read the websites and watch the videos on the following links:


UNESCO - A look at Journeys to school around the world


BBC Newsround – 6 Epic Journeys to School


 Unusual and Dangerous Journeys to School


Either talk to someone at home or make notes about the following questions:


 Can you imagine any of those being your journey to school?

 Which would make you feel frightened?

 Would you like any to be your journey to school?


Challenge:  Do you know where the places are in the world? Find them on a map or online.

Can I spell words with a k sound spelt ch ?

Work through the clues given for words which are spelt with ch for a k sound on the Powerpoint below.

Topic : Geography

Can I understand and use OS map symbols and keys?


Start by watching both  video clips and read the information about maps at the bbc bitesize page.


Next watch the short video at this website


Then visit website below and entering your house or the school postcode (SO32 1JD)

Scroll down the page to find an Ordnance survey map of the local area. Use the zoom button until you can see the map symbols. 

Use the OS key sheet attached to make a list of any symbols you can see on the map and their meanings.

Now do the quick quiz at the Ordnance survey website. Select the map symbols quiz on the spinning wheel.

Complete the worksheet about map symbols. Use the key to help you.