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Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Mrs Mason's morning message 3rd April

I hope you all enjoyed the 3 Little Rigs challenge yesterday.  If you didn't get a chance to have a go, it might be a good thing to try today.  We had a lot of fun making different wrecking balls yesterday at school with twigs, leaves, nuts, paper, pine cones and sand and swinging them at our cardboard house.  If you click on each of the pictures below, you will see that two other class members also gave it a good a go using all sorts of different things and reported having a good time in the process.  Also there is the chance to make an African drum today with Mrs Miller which looks a lot of fun.  I hope you are all digging through your dressing up clothes in preparation for the our World Book Day google classroom meet tomorrow at 11.30 - come along with a favourite book if you have one too.  Have a lovely day (only 3 more home learning days left!).

Letters and Sounds

Play Flashcards Time Challenge on PhonicsPlay and see how you get on with the phase 3 sounds - there are only 3 we haven't looked at now. (If that will start the day off on a bad footing, choose some they know and one set that is challenging!).

Username: jan21

Password:  home

Let's remind ourselves of the word "said" by watching the said song.
Watch the alphablocks short clip on "ear" and also see what things Geraldine the Giraffe finds around the house with the trigraph "ear" in - she is so cheeky!
We are going to learn a new tricky word today which is the word "my".  It is only two letters long, the first sound is easy as it is an m but the y says I in this word.  So before you start practising the word "my", download the handwriting sheet for y and practise two lines of y (page 74).  It's down a yak's horn, up a yak's horn and then down under his chin.  Then download the my mindfulness colouring and have a go at that and then grab some chalk and see if you can write the word "my" outside 5 times.  If you have no chalk, you could write the word "my" around your colouring, or paint it with water on a wall outside with a paintbrush, or squirt with a water pistol!
Finally, have a game of Tricky Word Snakes and Ladders.  Throw the dice and see if you can read the word you land on.  If you land on the bottom of the ladder go up it, if you land on a snake's head, go down it.  Good luck!

Today's Get Active Exercise

Number Time

Let's start things off with the story 'Cockatoos'.  Look very carefully at the pictures once the cockatoos have escaped to see how many you can see.

Count to 20 Forward and Backward With Emojis! PRE-K and KINDERGARTEN COUNTING VIDEO

Learn to count from one to twenty, and then from twenty to one in this fun video!For preschoolers, Pre-kindergartners, kindergartners, and anyone else who'd ...

Today you are going to be totalling all the dots on different dominoes and grouping them to whether they have more or fewer dots than a given number.  You can use a number track to help you to decide if the numeral is smaller than an amount, equal to an amount or greater than an amount. There are dominoes that you can print out to the side of the video.

If you want to challenge yourself more, throw 2 dice to decide your number and use two dominoes at a time to find a total.


Watch Mrs Miller as she shows you how to make your very own African drum. Remember, if you don't have a flower pot, just use an empty tin can and get decorating!

African drum

Now you can use your drum to keep a beat to a song.  Click on the link below to bring up the BBC Bring the Noise Play It machine.  You can choose the middle icon to choose a song to keep a beat to with your drum.  See how you get on.  There are also two other games that you can investigate music with too.  Not too loud now!