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Thursday 11th February

Good morning Class 2!


Good morning Class 2!


How are you all today? Did you enjoy the Art yesterday? It's great to try something new isn't it! I hope you all have a good day today. Remember it's our live story at 2 pm today on Google Classroom. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of you there. It's the first time I've seen lots of you at once and I can't wait! I will see Red Guided Reading group at 2:25 too! So red group if you come out of the class 2 bit of our Google Classroom when our story is over, a few minutes later I will see you on our Red Group bit of our Google Classroom.


Have a great day everyone!


Love Mrs Pilgrim x

Yesterday, we started making a story map to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Here is a photo of mine so far:

Today I would like you to add more pictures and labels to your story map to retell the second half of Jack and the Beanstalk. You could colour your pictures in too if you like! Now use your story map to retell the whole story verbally from beginning to end.

Put your story map in a safe place as you will need it to write your story after half term.




Year 1:

Today you will be learning to tell the time to o’clock. Click on the below link for your lesson which includes a quiz, a video and an independent task. I have also provided you with a follow up activity.

Year 2:

Today you are focussing on how to write quarter past and quarter to times. Click on the below link for today’s lesson which includes a quiz, a video and an independent task. I have then provided you with a follow up task and problem solving if you need an extra challenge. Good luck!


Year 1:

Yesterday, you learnt the sound 'dge' as in 'bridge'. We are going to keep learning about that sound today. Start by watching the little song below. How many 'dge' words can you hear?

Bainbridge Badger: trigraph 'dge' by phab fonics

You have two activities to choose between today, or you could have a go at both if you like!

Year 2:

This week we have been learning what an adverb is. We have learnt to spot adverbs and to change adjectives into adverbs by adding 'ly'. Today we are going to keep learning about adverbs. Click on the Power Point below and look through the slides from the beginning again to remind you what we have learnt so far. Stop when you get to slide 15.

Click on the activity sheet below and the sorting cards. Cut out the cards and sort them into the correct columns.
Now have a go at the Boring Sentence activity below. There are three different levels for you to choose from:



The parable of the Lost Son teaches that God is loving like a parent so Christians want to show that they love God. Can you think of 6 ways Christians might show they love God? If you are struggling to think of 6 you might to look at mine to give you ideas. Once you have your 6 I would like you to draw pictures to go with them using the document below.

Some of the important things that the parable of the Lost Son teaches Christians include the ideas that forgiving and being forgiven are important and God will forgive them, but they should also practise forgiveness. In the parable the father is able to forgive his youngest son but the older son finds this difficult. Have a think about these examples:

  • someone spoils a piece of work
  • someone trips someone up
  • someone steals their brother or sister’s chocolate
  • someone doesn’t tidy their room

Imagine you are the person who has done these things. What might the other person say to you? How would they feel? What do you need to do? How does it make you feel? Is it easy to say sorry?

Now imagine you are the other person. What will you do? Will you forgive? How easy is this to do?

Perhaps you might like to act one of these examples out with someone at home (if they have time and want to!) and film it to send to me. Or you could draw pictures of one of the examples and label them.


Think about a time when you have been forgiven, or have forgiven someone, and how it made you feel. Write a couple of sentences to tell me about it.

Whole Class Story


I will be live in our Class 2 Google Classroom at 2pm to read you all a story. It will be my first time seeing you all and I really can't wait! Hopefully now you have used Google Classroom a few times you know what you are doing. Remember to click on Class 2 when you log on, rather than your coloured reading group. Please join with your microphones turned off. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of you there!

Red group guided reading


It's time for our next Guided Reading session today. I will be live in the red group area of our Google Classroom at 2:25 (I will disappear after our story for 5 minutes and then I'll be back). We are carrying on with Pippa's Pets so have it ready on your Bug Club like last time. Remember to join with microphones off and I will let you know when you can turn them on. See you soon!


Well Class 2, we have reached the last two songs from our play Jack and the Beanstalk.

It has been so much fun teaching you all of these songs and I cannot wait until we can all sing them together in school. I have added the last two songs together this week as it is half term next week and I thought you might want to keep singing all of them over the holiday. 

This weeks songs are fun and lively so remember to smile! smiley

Love Mrs Miller


The Golden Hen

We're rich!