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Monday 18th January 2021

Letters and Sounds

Today we are going to practise recognising and using the digraphs we learnt last week, ch, sh, th, ng and also blending letters to read words with the digraphs and segmenting words orally and then writing the words down.  Do one video now and one later in the day.

10.00 Live assembly with Mr Woolley

Join Mr Woolley and many others from our school for a live assembly.  A link should have been emailed to you to join the assembly.

Letter Formation

Last week we practised writing the letters c, a, d, g.  All of these letters start in the same way by starting by making a c shape.  So lets start off by writing the last line of d, going around the dinosaur's bottom, up his neck and down to this feet, then a line of g, going round the girl's face, down her hair and give it a curl.  Remember to try writing the letters on your own after each line by writing in the three gaps - be careful to form the letters exactly as you traced them.  If you go wrong, don't worry, try again - we learn so much from our mistakes so mistakes are good.  Our new letter that we are going to write today is one that everyone thinks they can write already but most of you do it wrong!!!!  Many of us have it in one of our names.  I think it is one of the easiest letters but you need to remember start at the top of the letter with the c shape - it is the letter o.  So have a go at 2 lines of o, parents please mark the top of each o on the sheet so the children know where to start and make sure they go in the direction of a c.  Concentrate hard children!  The letter o is on page 44 of the file below.

Number Time

Today we will be thinking about the mass of things and whether something is heavier or lighter than something else.  To do the activity set, you will need a balance scale or if you don't have one and  are feeling adventurous, you could have a go at making your own with a coat hanger and pots - there's a quick video below to help if you want to head down that path.  Or you could just feel in your hands if something is heavier or lighter.  If you use the hands method, you might get better results if your child wears a blindfold to prevent them from being influenced by what they see.  As before, mathematical language is a key element of today's lesson, using the phrases "heavier than" and "lighter than".  

weather chart, hibernation homes, feelings

Ingredients needed for Friday

Hello Everyone,

The ingredients you will need for baking this Friday is:


The recipe I am using this week can be found here:

 Love from

Miss Newton