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Wednesday 6th May 2020

Morning everybody, the forecast is sunshine yes. Hope you get outside and really make the most of it. 

This week, could you send me a piece of work/activity you are proud of.  We only have a four day week this week as there is a bank holiday on Friday to celebrate VE Day.  I have put a film on Friday's button which explains VE Day for children, which will give you an idea and a feel of why people are celebrating and remembering on Friday.  I'm trying to upload some fun activities too so they are there if you want them, but am feeling a bit technically challenged at the moment and not getting very far!


Anyway definitely get outside today if you can as it is the sunniest and warmest day forecast for the next few days.

Letters and Sounds

Read your sound cards.  Can you read our words of the week: just, help, went (parents can you write these words please for them to read).  Click on the link below to see the tricky word song.  Write each word down as it appears on the screen - can you keep up now?

Have a go at reading some more CVCC words.  Click on the link below.
Print out the maze below and see if you can lead the children to the farm by following the path of vowels - it's tricky - they are all capitals!!  If you don't have a printer, look on the screen or maybe make up your own maze.  If you make up your own maze, use lower case letters.
Can you write a sentence for your lockdown memory tree about how someone has helped you during the lockdown. Don't forget to have your sound mat and tricky word mat nearby.  I would write "Pippa helped me to do a jigsaw puzzle."  Read it back after to make sure all the words are there.
If you want to learn some phonics with a teacher, click on the Read Write Inc link below.  Set 1 is w and set 2 is ou.

Number Time

Watch the Week 3, lesson 4 maths video about measuring short periods of time in simple ways.

Now try Day 3 of the Very Hungry Caterpillar activities.  This mainly involves sorting and adding.  When adding, if your child is easily coping with counting the 2 amounts, encourage them to count on from the first amount.  So if you had 2 pears and 3 plums, ask them to put the 2 pears in their head and then touch and count each plum saying 3, 4, 5.

Farming Activities

Open the powerpoint on adult and baby farm animals and see if you know any of the proper names for a male/female or baby of each animal.  Then print out the adult and baby farm animals sheets and cut out the baby and stick it next to the adult. 


There is also a link for an adult and baby animal pairs/snap game if you want to play.  Select the pages you want to use, some have the name of the adult and baby printed on, some don't, otherwise you could end up printing out 16 pages when you don't need to.