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Wednesday 27th January 2021


Still image for this video

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds by watching the alphabet song below.

Watch the tricky word song below and see if you can join in and repeat the words. 

After the song copy down the word 'no' in 3 different colours and the word 'go' in 3 different colours.  Can you cover the words over and write them on your own?

Then watch the Alphablocks ee programme.
Now using the caption clip writer on ICT Games, read the phase 2, no 4 caption.  Watch the video and then read the caption one word at a time by pressing the 'next grapheme' bar.  Then see if you can write the caption with the computer making sure you leave finger spaces between words.  If you want to challenge yourself, can you write the caption on your own and check it with the computer?  Press 'OK' after the instructions to get going.
I came across this story and it made me smile.  We all have a bad day sometimes and this little girl is no different.  See how she gets on and think if you've ever had a similar day to hers.


Practise one or two lines of n from yesterday making sure you start at the top, down Nobby and over the net, and then today we are practising h which is just like n but has a longer downward line to start.  So we start at the horse's head, go down to his hooves and back up over his back and down his legs.  Adults please put a dot at the top of each h so your child knows where to start.  Do two lines and see if you can do some on your own too.  You need to print off page 23.

Number Time

Join in with the number song "This Old Man" below.

Today we are going to be focusing on number 8 so let's watch the Number Blocks number 8 video first.
Now watch the video below to find out how many different ways you can make spots total 8 on a lady bird's back.  There is a ladybird and spots sheets below if you want to use them.
What is the weather like today?  Don't forget to fill in your weather chart.

Story Telling - Bug Learns to Dance

First you can join in with the minibeast song which has the characters in it from your new story. Then it is time to step out the new story of Beetle Who Was Hungry adding the new characters with their new actions.

Birds - games and art activities

So there are many different birds living in our world, which can look very different from each other with different colour feathers, different shape feet and beaks, living in different places, and of varying sizes.  Print out the pairs game of the birds below and play with someone in your family.  See if you can remember some of the birds names.  Also below is a birds top trumps type of game which you could look at on the screen to find out an interesting fact about each bird. 


Watch Mrs Millers video clip or follow the pdf instruction sheet to make your own paper plate rocking bird.

if you are feeling extra arty, perhaps you could watch how Mrs Miller makes binoculars to go bird spotting!

Rocking paper plate birds

Making binoculars

Bug Club

Spend a few minutes reading on Bug Club.