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Thursday May 7th


Start the lesson with your second times tables test of the week. 


Year 3

Can I  add amounts of money and give change?

 Today I would like you to set up a 'shop' at home. Find some things to sell in your shop - it could be a toy shop or a supermarket or a fruit and veg stall. Then I would like you to put prices on the items in your shop.

It could be amounts in pence or pounds and pence.

Finally play shops with someone at home! You can buy one or more items at a time. Try to pay for these using real money. If you are confident, you could work out the change that is needed if you don't have the correct coins.


Year 4

Can I  divide a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number?

Go to White Rose and watch the video for Week 3 Lesson 4

We have learnt to use the bus stop method. I have added a link to a video to remind you of this method   if this is helpful.

You can use whichever method you find best.

The worksheet is saved below with an optional challenge sheet.



Start the lesson by doing this week's spelling sentences.  (Tomorrow is a bank holiday so no lessons! If you prefer, you could do your test tomorrow instead.)

Please ask someone at home to read out the sentences.


It is obvious that eating poisonous plants is dangerous.

The Egyptians built enormous pyramids in various places in Egypt.

One glorious day, an adventurous hiker went on a perilous journey.



Your sentences for next week are below. We will be working on the suffixes sion and tion next week.


Asking questions improves your comprehension. 

The class needed supervision to write their conclusion.

They carefully planned the position of their new extension. 



Can I write a poem?


For your writing task today, I would like you to write a short poem , using a rhyming pattern similar to the Mummy poem you have worked on this week. You can include one or more verses.

The poem could be about any aspect of Ancient Egyptian life for example pyramids, the River Nile or another verse about mummies if you prefer. There is a planning sheet saved below which you can use if it is helpful.


Use the same structure as the Mummy poem. Each verse will have 4 lines with lines 2 and 4 rhyming if you can. 


Please send me your poem when it is complete. You can type it or hand write the poem. If you have time, decorate the poem as well. I look forward to reading them later.



Today we will be looking at what Christians do to help make the kind of world that Jesus wanted.

There are many things that Jesus wanted His followers to do to spread the Gospel and Jesus's love to everyone.

In the New Testament Jesus sent His Apostles to set up churches in different places, where His followers could meet together, teach people about Jesus, worship God and do good works.

Today churches still do the same things. Christians meet to worship, learn about God and support one another. They also serve God by doing good work in the community by providing help, food, clothing and money for those in need.

What do you think are the most important things Christians do to show God's love to others?

Print off the sheet below and rank your top 5 good works in order. Draw a picture to illustrate these good works.


When you are finished email in your work. Don't forget to address it to Mrs Lambert.smiley


PE Dave has put the next video on the Sport and Active learning page. Today you will be practising passing in football.


There are also 2 new challenges. The physical one is doing lunges. The creative one involves ball skills. Do have a go at these as well !