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Can I invent a new character for Charlie and the Chocolate factory?

When Roald Dahl was writing Charlie and the chocolate factory, he originally had 6 ticket winners. The other character was called Miranda Mary Piker. Read more about this character by clicking on the weblink below.

In this lesson, I would like you to invent your own character who could be a lucky golden ticket winner in Charlie and the chocolate factory. Start by thinking about a name for your character. You could use one of the ideas from the chart below.
Now brainstorm a few ideas about the habits, personality and the appearance of your character. Draw a picture of him or her and add your ideas to the planning sheet saved below.

Finally, write a short scene for the book to introduce your character. Try to show what their personality is like by describing the things they do and say. 
Rather than sending me this piece of work, I would like you to save it and bring it into school on Monday next week.
You will all have a chance to share your work then. 


Success criteria 

  • Describe the character showing what their appearance and personality is like.
  • Use adjectives, similes and powerful verbs.
  • Use direct speech with inverted commas.