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Tuesday 21st July

Dear Class Four,

I can't believe it is the last day of our school year. It has been such a strange and unusual year for everybody and I feel very sad that we won't get to finish it together as a class.

I have been so proud of you all this year. The way you have coped with everything that has happened and the amazing home learning you have been doing just shows how strong, resilient and fantastic you all are.


Year 5 children - I hope you have a lovely Summer holiday. Enjoy the break from learning, get lots of rest and do some lovely activities with your family. I really look forward to seeing you in September, rested and ready to learn and become Year 6!


Year 6 children - I hope you have a lovely Summer holiday too. I wish you so much luck as you move onto secondary school. I hope you will quickly settle in and make new friends. Work hard and be kind.


Lots of love, Miss Olver x


Today I have attached another Maths mystery challenge! Read the introduction below to find out what it's all about!

The mystery is on pages 1-7 and the answers are on page 8.


If you enjoyed doing the wordsearch yesterday, I have attached two more today which you might want to work through. Both are about animals - one is based on under the sea animals and the other on jungle animals.

Reflection Time

Today is your last day of home learning. Tomorrow will be the Summer holidays (YAY!!!! smiley) and then in September, we will hopefully be back at school learning together in our class. I thought it might be a good time to reflect on the time you have spent at home learning.

There are two activities below for you to work through:

1. The 'Lockdown Reflection' sheet. This has some questions on for you to respond to which will hopefully help you to reflect on the time you have been at home and think about the things you have enjoyed/learnt/missed...

2. The 'Lockdown Memory Jar'. Hopefully there will never be another lockdown in your lifetime. It will be a time you remember for the rest of your life. You could choose to write down your lockdown memories on the sheet below and put it somewhere safe to refer to when you are older. Or you might want to create an actual lockdown memory jar. To do this, get an old jar (jam jar, curry sauce jar...) and write your memories on little pieces of paper. Then fold them up and put them inside. You might want to decorate your jar, perhaps by tying some ribbon around it or sticking some pictures on the outside. Keep it somewhere safe so you can look back at your memories in the future.