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Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morning everyone.

How are we all today?  It's the last day of the term today so let's put in that extra bit of effort and then you have a whole week of home time.  If you haven't had a chance to write your silly sentence, see if you can give it a go today.  Remember, your adult can help you make one up and so many of the words you can just copy down off the snail game board.  Have a look in the Gallery as both Paige and Charlie have sent in their silly sentences.  Also we have another class member who has lost a tooth and was very excited about the tooth fairy visiting.  I checked my carrots today and there is the first teeny weeny shoot coming out of the top of a couple of them (you need to click on each picture to make the picture go big to see them because they are so small). I must say that I do wonder if my carrot tops are going to do much more than this because they are turning a horrible grey colour in places and do not look the picture of health.  However, I will persevere as we never give up in Class 1!  Has anyone else had any luck with their carrots?  If you haven't tried, you could always set some off over the half term.  I went out in the garden quickly this morning to take a photo of one of my leeks (and I felt a few drops of rain - boo!).  Now I started growing this leek over a year ago and we never got round to pulling it up and eating it.  So it has sent up a very long stem from the centre of the leek with a big pom pom on the top which is the seed head where, hopefully, we will be able to collect some leek seeds from.  I'll keep you updated on how that goes.  I've downloaded the worm song for the Superworm maths lesson that you might want to listen to and sing along with.  As it is half term next week, there won't be any daily lessons.  However, there is a nice game on the computer you could play called "Teach your Monster to Read" which is free to download onto laptops and PCs.  Theo has given it a go and had a lot of fun for quite a while.  I will also put some things up daily on the website for you to have a go at if you want to.  Have a lovely break everyone.  

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sound cards using the powerpoint below.

Practise reading your tricky words by using the tricky word lorry game below.  You get to choose the colour and type of lorry you want to play with and the type of road you want your lorry to drive down.  If you have been coping well with the new words this half term, click on the phase 4 words.  If you are still having trouble recognising words from longer ago such as he, are, was, they, click on the phase 3 words.  If you are still mastering no, go, I, the etc, click on phase 2 words.
Now get your pancakes out again from yesterday and place them out on the floor in front of you.  Your adult is going to say a word and you have to find the consonant cluster that you can hear in the word.  Don't worry because your adult will really emphasise that consonant cluster when the they say the word for the second time.  Then sound out the word together, each word will have 4 sounds and write each word into a phoneme frame, like we used to do on whiteboards at school (just split your paper into 4 columns).  Remember, you can copy two of the sounds for each word from your pancake.  Have your sound mat in front of you too so that you write your letters properly and round the right way.  Parents, it is up to you how many words you think your child can cope with.  When your child huffs and loses their smile, stop!    Here is a list of words for you:  (initial consonant clusters) blob, crib, flag, spot, glad,  (final consonant clusters) damp, band, sink, shelf, help.  I've put a link to the pancakes if you need it.
Now see if you can make the aeroplane take off on writing runway.  Parents, if you can choose the button that says "type my own" and write the sentence "The camel has a hump."  All you have to do is read the sentence and then drag the words from the cockpit up to the runway in the right order - easy!  If you want a challenging sentence, choose a sentence from the phase 4 words tab.
If you want to practise your phonics with a teacher, click on the Read Write Inc link below.   Set 1 is s, Set 2 is ir and Set 3 is oi.

Number Time

Watch Wk 5, Friday Oak Academy maths video which is all about patterns and ordinal numbers.

Have a go at the Superworm maths day 5 lesson.  It's all about making and comparing different length worms.


Dave has put up a new video in the Sport and Keeping Active Home Learning section.  It's all about challenges using a ball - give it a go and see if you are better than other members of your family.

He has also put up a new weekly challenge of carrying out all the previous weekly challenges and seeing how your scores now compare to your previous scores - give it a go and challenge yourself.