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Friday 26th June 2020

Good morning everyone,

What a scorcher yesterday was!  It's looking quite a nice day at the moment (6.30 am), however we could be in for the odd downpour or thunder clap, or even lightning flash, so watch out.  We're hoping at school that the weather is good at the end of the day as the staff are planning a small tea party outside for Miss Reno to say goodbye now that Mrs Pilgrim has returned from maternity leave.  So although we will be very sad to see Miss Reno go, we're hoping to create a happy occasion for her last day at school.  I hope you have enjoyed making and writing about your monsters - the children at school are looking forward to taking their's home today so that they can share them with their family and play with them.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your letter sounds by playing PhonicsPlay Flash Cards time challenge.

Some of our tricky words that we need to be able to read have the wh digraph at the beginning, such as what and when.  There are also some other words with this spelling so watch Geraldine investigate some.

See if you can read and write the word "when" now.  If you want a challenge, try "what" as well -that has a very sneaky letter a in the middle that says the o sound.  

Then please try one of the online phonics lessons below if there are any you haven't investigated yet.  If you've tried them all out, join in with the one that you liked the best.

Number Time

Watch the Friday Oak Academy maths video.  Today it is all about adding and subtracting with numbers up to 10.

Now have a go at the Zog day 5 activities.  Today you can time yourself doing different activities, make and bake some gingerbread men or describe your perfect dragon.  I have put a couple more links to different dragon stories mentioned in the lessons.

PE and Art Activities

Check out our Sports and Well Being section of the website to join in with some PE activities with Dave.  This week's activities is all about gymnastic jumps and moves.  We all enjoyed making our monsters from tubes this week.  Have a go at printing a monster with your hand - I thought they looked really effective.  You could make them with the their corresponding emotion in mind, such as yellow for happy, green for calm, red for angry, black for frightened or pink for loving, or you could just do your favourite colour.  There is a video on Oak Academy that shows you how to do it - they call them aliens but I think they look more like monsters.  I hope you have a monster time doing this!