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Monday 1st March 2021

Morning Message from Mrs Mason

Good morning everyone - a pinch and a punch for the first day of the month!

What a glorious weekend of weather we have had.  I hope you were able to take advantage of the sunshine and spend some time outside.  I spent quite a lot of time outside in my greenhouse planting vegetable and flower seeds and also planted some onion sets into a raised bed so now I should have about 200 onions to eat come the summer!  

We are on the home straight everyone!  This is our last week of learning at home so let's make it a good one.  Try really hard with your letters and numbers this week.  If we carry on with the lovely weather, keep coming back and forth to the daily activities and going outside to play in the garden or out for a walk or a bike ride (or a pony ride) in between.  We have a new story to listen to today called The 3 Little Rigs - that sounds familiar doesn't it, but instead of being about pigs, it's all about little cranes so I hope you enjoy listening to that.  Hope to see you all at the Google Classroom meet at 11.30 am today for games, singing and chat.  Have a lovely day.

Message from Mrs Miller about Art (Wednesday) 

We will be making something in Art on Wednesday that you shall be using in your music lesson later on in the week. For art you will need either a terracotta pot (diameter about 12/13cm) or a large empty food can. You will also need an elastic band that fits around the top of it.

Thank you 😊

Letters and Sounds

Use Flash Cards Speed Trials in PhonicsPlay to practise your sounds.  Choose 3 lines of sounds that you find the most trickiest and try for one minute and really challenge yourself.  Make a note of how many you scored and repeat the same sounds again for another minute and see if you can improve on your score - good luck.

Username: jan21

Password: home

Let's remind ourselves of the word "was" by watching the was song again.  Then afterwards, draw a bee and write below it either the word "was" or the phrase "was that a bee"
Now watch the introduction to our new phoneme "ear" and watch Mrs Mason to recap our phoneme phrases and to  find out the cued articulation sign for ear.  If you feel that a new trigraph would be overload for your child and they just need to practise blending three single sounds together, spend 5 minutes blending short words on the Lotty Learns link instead.

Digraph and trigraph runthrough with Mrs Mason

Introducing ear

Now click on the powerpoint link below to practise words with the phoneme "ear".  Don't forget to press "run slideshow" to see all the animations operating properly.

Letter Blending + sight words + Phonics | READING LESSONS for Kids

This fun kids learning video is perfect for learning how to blend consonants and vowels. Your child will also learn abc phonics and even be taught introducto...

10.00 - Collective Worship with Mr Woolley

Today's Get Active Exercise

Number Time

We are concentrating on the numbers 9 ad 10 again this week so have a watch of the Number Blocks video about numbers 9 and 10.

Now listen to the story about the Napping House where everything is sleeping.  I wonder if you can remember the order they all joined the bed after the story has finished. 
Today we are starting the second week of focusing on 9 and 10 and today focusing on taking 1 away and counting backwards.  The lesson starts off singing 'There Were 10 in the Bed'.  Why don't you get 10 of your toys and pretend they're in the bed as you sing the song.  Miss Cooper stops singing at 7 but you could carry on the song with your teddies.  You need Week 2 of Building 9 and 10, session 1.  If you want to challenge yourself further, see if you can count and order numbers backwards from 15 or 20.
11.30 Class 1 Google Classroom meeting

The Three Little Rigs

Last week we heard the story of The 3 Little Pigs.  Today we are going to listen to the story of The 3 Little Rigs.  After listening to it, tell your adult anything you noticed about the story that was like the story "The 3 Little Pigs".

Last week we made a story map of The 3 Little Pigs, see if you can draw a story map now of the 3 Little Rigs which shows how they left home to build their own garages and how the big bad wrecking ball kept trying to knock each garage down. You can link each event by arrows or a line, see how you get on.  Then see if  you can retell the story to someone in your family and see if they say it sounds a bit like The 3 Little Pigs!


Now spend a few minutes reading on Bug Club.


Username:  initial and surname, eg jmason (no space)

Password:   class2

School Code: H9m6