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Friday 17th July

Good morning Class Four and happy Friday!

Can you believe it is the last Friday before the Summer holidays?

After school yesterday, I popped round to Mrs Kimble's house. I had made some rocky road cupcakes for her and Mr Kimble (and me of course!) and we sat in the garden, munched them and had a good catch up - and I got to try some of her delicious elderflower cordial. It was so nice to be able to see her properly and thank her for all the hard work she has put into your learning during lockdown with all the spelling sentences and SPAG challenges.

When I got home, it was really hot so I opened the patio doors. Flash and Fred quickly went outside for a bit of sunbathing!

Then in the evening I had a school governor meeting on Zoom, so it was a busy evening.

Today, Sports Dave has organised a sports day for everyone. All the instructions are on his part of the website, so make sure you go on and take a look. Hopefully you will really enjoy this one!

Have a great day and a lovely weekend. Remember to send me your story and any other learning you want to share. I'm hoping to put the stories up on the website so you can read each other's next week.

Love Miss Olver x

Here is a message from Mrs Soley:

Morning everyone,

I hope you are all well.  I don’t know about you but I’m feeling a bit tired now as we get towards the end of the school year.  It has been a strange time over the last seven weeks but I’m very glad I was able to go back into school.  I’m sure a lot of you would have loved to have been in school too so that you could have seen your friends.  It will certainly be good to see the new Year 6 in September.  Only three more days until the official holidays start, where has that time gone?

I hope you are still able to enjoy your home learning.  I appreciate it is difficult to keep going when we are so close to the end of term.  In class we are still doing all the normal things and next week we will be doing maths and English in the mornings as usual. 

My photo shows Jacob in a new T shirt.  I can’t work out if the caption should be “Hello Spiderman” or “Hello cowboy”, I’ll let you decide.

I hope you have a lovely weekend; weather looks good so get outside and make the most of it. 

One last thing, Happy Birthday Hayden.  I hope you have a brilliant day. 

Best wishes.

Mrs Soley xx


Today is Friday which means worded problems day. I thought it might be nice to think back over what you have learnt this year, so today there are two worded problems based on each topic we have done throughout the year. Hopefully you will enjoy remembering the different learning we did together - I did when I was making up the questions! 

Remember to show your workings and write a worded answer.

I've attached my workings and answers so you can check your work at the end.


Today I would like you to work on your reading comprehension skills. You have probably heard lots about the NHS on the news recently and the wonderful job they have been doing to help people during this difficult period. Perhaps you went out and joined in with the NHS claps each Thursday or were involved in some fundraising for the NHS charities. Today's reading comprehension is all about the NHS and the wonderful work they do.

You have three choices:

Easiest option - Text on P1-3, Questions on P4-5, Answers on P6-7

Middle option - Text on P8-10, Questions on P11-12, Answers on P13-14

Hardest option - Text on P15-17, Questions on P18-19, Answers on P20-21


Sports Dave has created a virtual sports day for everyone today - it looks great. To get to his page and see the instructions, go to the News section of the website and then choose the Sport and Keeping Active Home Learning page.


Spellings and Reading

Today is Friday, which means it is spelling test day! It is your last spelling test of this academic year! As always you have two choices:

  1. Watch the video of me reading the spelling sentences for your test. Remember that you can pause it and replay it as many times as you like.
  2. Ask an adult to read the sentences aloud for you as you write them down.

If an adult is free, then you could ask them if they would very kindly mark your sentences for you. If not, then use the document below to mark them yourself. Good luck!

Also remember to do some independent reading of a book of your choice.