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Monday 4th May

Good Morning Class 2!

How was your weekend? We have had an exciting couple of days. Two weeks ago, we had some caterpillars delivered to our house from a company called InsectLore. We have watched our caterpillars grow and grow and eventually they each formed their chrysalis. Over the weekend, all four caterpillars emerged from their chrysalis as beautiful butterflies!  Finley named them Butter, Flutter, Flappy and Fred! We are feeding them sugar water and watching them start to stretch their wings. Hopefully tomorrow, I will be able to show you a photo of the butterflies with their wings spread so you can see what colour they are. In a few days, we will let them fly away in our garden! 

Love from Mrs Sothcott x

Good Morning Class 2!

Are you all ready for another fabulous week of learning? I cannot wait to hear how you are all getting on with it.

I am in school today and am very excited as I get to see Mrs Sothcott. I haven’t seen her in a while and so I am looking forward to sharing all our news about what we have been up to over the past couple of weeks.

It’s very difficult when we cannot see our friends for a long time and it can make us feel very sad, but it makes it extra special when we can catch up with them again and share stories. That is why I am making a special effort to take lots of photos and write things down, so that when I do get to see all of my friends again, I will be able to remember all of the important things I want to share. 
I have been very busy painting my kitchen this weekend. I painted the ceilings, doors and walls. I think the colour makes it much brighter in there.

I wonder what Mrs Sothcott will think when I show her my photos?

Take care and have a fun week

love Mrs Miller



This week we are researching the countries of Brazil and the United Kingdom. We are comparing the two countries and writing about what we find out. 


Using your research sheets, write out the facts about the countries. You could write the facts for each country on the map below, or you could make your own version of Top Trumps cards. 



Year 1

Today you are going to compare the mass of objects. Follow the link below to the White Rose website. Select Week 1, lesson 3: Compare Mass. First watch the video, then have a go at the activity.

Year 2

Today I would like you to learn about weight/mass. First, watch the PowerPoint below which will introduce the language we use to describe weight and mass and also the units we use to measure it.  If you have a weighing balance or set of scales at home, you can have a go at the activity. Click on the word document and follow the instructions! If you do not have any scales at home, you can still have a go at comparing the weight of objects. Choose 4 or 5 objects from around your house. Choose two of the objects to compare. Hold one in each hand. Which feels heavier? Which feels lighter? Now repeat with 2 more objects. Can you order the objects from heaviest to lightest?


Last week you looked at some photos of different special places and talked about what makes them special.

Today, I would like you to design your own special place in your house or garden. You can draw your design on the sheet below and label to show each special part. Think about the following things:

Where will your special place be?

What will you put in your special place?

When will you got o your special place? You might like to go there to have some quiet, alone time or to do some thinking.