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Tuesday 16th June


Start the lesson by practising your times tables then do your first test of the week.


Year 3

Can I convert lengths between m and cm?


Click on the link below to watch the video. The worksheet is saved with an extra challenge if you would like to do this.


Year 4

Can I solve problems involving different measures?

This is the last video in the set on problem solving with measures. I think this lesson is quite challenging so I think you could do it over two days. As yesterday, if you want to you could do the Year 3 lesson today instead which would also be helpful revision.

Click on the link below and do the Introductory quiz. Do the video up to 20 minutes.

Aim to do the problems on Slides 1, 3 and 4.

There are some sequences involving decimals and negative numbers on Slide 2 which you could do if you want an extra challenge.


You will complete this lesson tomorrow.


Can I recognise fact and opinion?

If you need to, you can revisit the work you did last Friday and watch the bbc bitesize video.


Your task is to read the sentences about Upham school in the document below (some are from the school brochure).

Sort them into 2 groups - fact and opinion.


Then write 3 or 4 facts and 3 or 4 opinions about Upham school


Can I spell word with ch as sh phoneme?

Work through the questions on the Powerpoint saved below.


Can I recognise that living things can be grouped according to their characteristics?


Click on the link below and watch the video. Read the information and do the quiz.


Read through the information on the Powerpoint saved below. Try to follow the branched key to see how to identify living things.


Then play the Happy Families game which is saved. There are instruction on how to play the game in the document.


Go to the website for Dance mat typing


You should be on Level 3 Stage 8 letters b and n