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Monday 8th February 2021

Morning Message from Mrs Mason

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend.  We've got one week left to go until we reach half term and then we can all have a nice long rest - phew!  Thank you again for all the photos and messages that have been sent over in the last few days.  Mrs Dawson updated the gallery again a couple of days ago so do take a look to see what everyone has been up to.  Only 2 new digraphs to learn this week and some of the children in school have very kindly sung some more Jolly Phonics songs with actions for you which will pop up later on in the week. I am feeling particularly pleased with myself as I have learnt how to join different videos together to make one longer video which is what I have done for these Jolly Phonics songs; honestly I couldn't stop smiling when it worked!! The forecast is possible snow this week (yippee) and we were very excited in the Mason household yesterday evening to see a very light snow flurry - I am hoping we might get a Big Man Bob built this time and he might last longer than Big Man Bill!  With the cold weather in mind, I thought you might like to investigate making different shapes and sizes of ice again today so take a look further down the page to find out all about that.  Don't forget the Class 1 meet up at 11.30 am today.  It is via Google Classroom and you should all have been sent the details for that from Mr Woolley over the weekend.  Looking forward to see you later.

Days of the week song

All of this week we will be singing a new song to help us learn the days of the week.

Join in when you feel confident to!

Days of the week song caterpillar

Letters and Sounds

Go on to Phonics Play and play Grab a Giggling Grapheme to practise your sounds.   Choose the ones you need to practise.

User name: jan21

password:   home

Practise reading some high frequency words by pulling the handle on the fruit machine.  There are some words with 2 sounds and some with 3.  Sound out each letter and blend together.  Parents, if your child has trouble blending to read still, get them to sound out each word and you then repeat sounding it out and see if they can hear it.  Sound and then say the word if they are still having trouble and they can repeat it after you. (we are playing high frequency word bingo phase 2 - but we're not playing bingo!).

Jolly Phonics th song

Still image for this video

Then have a look at the words then, them, this, that, with which are all spelt with the hard "th" sound.  Copy each of the words out 3 times each  on to small individual pieces of paper in different colours and shuffle them up.  Deal them out between 2 players.  Each player takes it in turn to sound out and say their word and then place it in the middle of the table face up.  If the next player has the same word, he puts on to top of the matching word. If not, he puts it face up on the table ready to be matched. The player who puts the third matching word on the pile wins the pile.  The player with the most piles wins.  Good luck. 

(PS, Don't throw the words away, we will use them again later in the week).

Finally, click on the powerpoint below and decide if the short sentences are true or false.
10.00 am - Mr Woolley's Collective Worship

Number Time

Let's start by watching and joining in with the song Build It Up.  Click on the link below.

Today we are going to start off seeing if two different amounts in 2 different pictures are the same and match.  Then we are going to be using bricks to see if we can build different towers of different heights and see which use the most bricks and are tall, and which use fewer bricks and are shorter.  You'll need some building bricks/lego/stickle bricks etc to carry out the activity after the lesson.  We are concentrating on the language, more/fewer tall/short, tallest/shortest.

If you would like a challenge - can you make a tower the length of someone in your family and count how many bricks you have used?  Can you guess how many bricks it would take for someone to make a tower the length of you?  Try it out and see if you were right or close to the amount.  You could try it out for as many people/pets/toys in the family as you like.  Then can you order all your towers from tallest to shortest (you might just have to limit this to toys so that you don't run out of bricks!).

11.30 am - Class 1's Google Classroom meet

We are not meeting via zoom this week but by Google Classroom - Mr Woolley has sent information and a link to this via your email. You will need a piece of paper and a pen/pencil to play one of our games today.  Hope to see you there.

Story Telling - The 3 Frilly Goats Fluff

So today, we are going to turn the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff on to its head and create a brand new story about the 3 Frilly Goats Fluff who like dressing up in fancy clothes and have a problem of a colourful dragon to get past who lives under the bridge.  Have a piece of paper and some colouring pencils or pens ready to draw a new story map.  Two nursery rhymes to join in with first at the beginning. 

Investigating freezing different amounts of water

So today the forecast is really cold with the temperatures below freezing at night and maybe some snow around too.  Let's see if we can make some more different ice shapes over night.  Why not dig out some of those sand toys that you make sand shapes with and fill them with water and leave outside overnight and see what happens. 


I wonder if water freezes better when it is a shallow depth or does it freeze better when it is at a deeper depth, or does it not matter?  How could we find that out?  Have a chat with your adult and maybe see if you can leave different containers outside with different amounts of water in and see if there is any difference in how well they freeze.  Also, the next day, will they all melt together or do thinner or thicker pieces of ice melt quicker than each other?  You see what you can come up with to find out the answers to those questions.  I'd love to know what you discovered so send over photos of what you did and what you found out.


Also, below is a video from Mrs Hayward all about making giant ice decorations.  Why don't you have a go.  You could try one in the freezer and maybe try one by leaving it outside over night and see if they come out the same or is there a difference?  Have fun but keep those hands warm.  Let me know how you get on.


Story time with Mrs Miller

Here is one of my children's favourite stories from when they were little. I hope you enjoy it too.

A squash and a squeeze story