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Friday 5th March 2021

Mrs Mason's morning message 5th April 2021

Letters and Sounds

Join in with the children with the Jolly Phonics songs.

Jolly Phonics songs ch, sh, th, ng

Jolly Phonics songs vowel digraphs part 1

Digraph and trigraph runthrough

Then play Tricky Word trucks on Phonics Play.  Select Phase 2, all HFW, and see how you get on.

Username: jan21

Password:  home

Now we are going to practise writing some words that begin with the digraph th.  Put the digraph th at the top of your paper and have a go at writing the following:  the, this, them, then, with, that.
On Wednesday, we learnt the tricky word "my".  Today we are going to to do some more work on recognising the word "my".  See if you can write it from memory - remember it has two sounds and two letters - the first letter is easy, the second letter might trick you out.  Then check with your adult if you have spelt it correctly. Did you remember the y at the end?  Practise writing the other two lines of ys left on your handwriting sheet from Wednesday.  Then, write 'my' in big letters on a piece of paper about the size of an envelope.  In the story "Goldilocks and the Three Bears", the word "my" is used a lot by the three bears when they come home from the woods.  Click on the link to hear the story below and every time you hear the bears say the word 'my', hold your big word my in the air - I wonder how many times you have to hold it up?
Now print out the pictures of the 3 bears below and see if you can complete the 3 speech bubbles for the bears.  You could then colour the pictures in if you wanted to.  Make sure you spell "my" correctly in each bubble.

Friday's Get Active Exercise

Number Time

Start off this session by watching "Blast Off" with the Number Blocks where they find different ways to make the total of 10.

Watch Miss Cooper and some toys use a home made ten frame to help find different amounts of magic beans.  Then create a large tens frame yourself either inside or outside depending on the weather, and ask someone to hide 10 things for you to go and find.  Keep using your ten frame to find out how many you have found and how many more you need to find.  If you want to challenge yourself, make 2 ten frames and hide 20 things to find - have fun!

Story Time - The Three Ninja Pigs

Sound familiar? - Have a listen and see how the ninja pigs foil the Big Bad Wolf in this version of the story.

The Three Ninja Pigs

Written by Corey Rosen SchwartzIllustrated by Dan Santat

All About Me Books

Spend some time together adding more photos and memories of your time during lockdown 2021 to your All About Me books.  It would be good if the children could bring these back into school to share with each other and the class next week which can help further to develop their understanding of lockdown and how different families spent their time during this period.


Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.