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Wednesday 20th May

Good morning - what have you enjoyed most about being at home? 


Morning job

Look at these wow facts, then see if you can find any wow facts of your own. 

Picture 1
Picture 2


Today is phonics -

Yr 1 you only have one sheet

Yr 2 you have a choice of sheets. Choose the one you can do without too much help. 


Click on the link below to find your maths lesson for today:

If you finish your maths quickly, have a look at this website. If you scroll down a little way, there are lots of fun games to help you practice your times tables. In class 2, we need to learn our 2, 5 and 10 x tables so concentrate on these.


We are finishing our Rainforest topic. For the rest of the topic lessons - today, tomorrow and Friday, can you see if you can make a poster or even a craft idea of what you know about the rainforest? You can do drawings, paintings, write  or a combination of all of them. If you really wanted, you could pretend to be a TV presenter and film yourself talking about the rainforest. 


You know about 

  • habitats
  • how animals are adapted to survive and live in their habitats
  • the layers of the rainforest
  • animals which live in the rainforest and which layer they live in
  • their prey
  • the predators they have to avoid


These photos are some craft ideas of what you could make. 


Rainforest craft