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Friday 24th April

Welcome to the end of the first week, didn't it go quickly and wasn't it lovely weather! 


Today's question  - Have you finished all of your Easter eggs? 


Morning Job


See if you can make this cute spider - here is the photograph of the one I made and underneath are the instructions. 

Spider I made

Instructions to make spider



Spelling tests will resume next week, so here are the spellings to learn over the week. 

 Mighty Writing for next week 


If you would like to look at this over the weekend feel free, but equally feel free to leave it until Monday and do it as part of your lesson then! 


You will be writing an information leaflet about one of the creature you spotted in the garden or outside. 


These are some examples of leaflets.  Look at information they give - 

Leaflet examples

Your leaflet will need to include 

A description of your animal or creature


Where it lives (habitat)


What it eats (prey)


What eats it ( predators)


How it need to be protected


Anything else you would like your reader to know about.


Today I would like you to have a go at another maths activity mat. These are really good because they help you revise and practice questions from all the different maths topics. Year 1s, you have 3 different levels to choose from!


When you have finished, follow the link below to play Karate Cats Maths on BBC Schools!


You will need the large sheet again, and you are going to sort, or classify the creatures you found. 


Spotting sheet

You are also going to need one of these sheets,


Yr 1 you are going to classify the creatures by whether they can fly or not and whether they lay eggs or have babies. 


Yr 2 you are going to stick the correct classification label on the correct part of the sheet. 

Are any of the creatures on the sheet the odd one out? 


Use some books, or the Internet, to find out what a reptile is. Draw one and tell someone two facts about it so they know something new too. 




As Mrs Sothcott wrote earlier in the week, PE Dave has put on some more activities for you to try. 


Have a good weekend and we will see you next week. cool


Love from Miss Renno, Mrs Sothcott, Miss Newton and Mrs Miller