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Friday 12th June 2020

Good morning everybody.


It's 7 o'clock in the morning and it's looking bright blue skies at the moment, let's hope they stay longer than the forecast.  Who heard the thunder yesterday?  It gave us quite a shock in the classroom but we soldiered on through it - someone thought it might have been a giant moving his house around!  How did you get on with with the ant jigsaw yesterday - it was a real challenge in class, the cutting out part went smoothly but then there was a lot of thinking to be done to piece it all together.  It is quite amazing that all these different insects start as eggs which hatch as a larva and then enter a pupa stage where they cocoon themselves away from the world and emerge as a completely full and functioning insect which knows its job in life and acts as part of a team.  A couple of the children at school wanted to see if we could find some worms or snails yesterday after it had rained so some of us headed down to the den building area.  We decided to look under different logs and pieces of wood and when we turned over a rather large log, were astounded to see gigantic black beetles, many large and small woodlice, millipedes and two very small lizards laying next to each other.  Some of the children also had a go at following ants at play time to see where they went to, we're going to follow some more today too.  

I hope your wizard books are coming along nicely.  We are enjoying making them at school and Zain sent me his from home too, which is a really good read - I've put it in the gallery.  Send any over when they are completed.  

Enjoy your day and have a great weekend too.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sound cards and read some more tricky words with Geraldine.

Then have a go at writing this sentence which is mainly made up of the tricky words. It is OK to have your tricky words on the table in front of you to refer to and copy if you need them.  You only have to sound out not and woods.  See how much of those two words you can sound out on your own.


No, do not go into the woods!



Then have a game of Pick a Picture.  You choose if you need to practise words from phase 2 which are a little easier and won't have vowel digraphs in, or from phase 3 which will have vowel digraphs in.

Now it's time to write the last page of your book.  You need to decide what your character is going to turn into and how (s)he's going to defeat the wizard.  It could turn into a yellow digger and scoop him up, it could turn into a red rocket and blast him into space - it could be what ever you want - it's up to you and your imagination.


Please send over your book when it is completed - I can't wait to see what ideas you've all come up with.  Have fun!

Number Time

Watch Oak Academy's Friday maths lesson - lots of quick fire revision questions and activities - 1 more/less, counting in twos, more or less quantities, doubling and halving, shape revision - good mathematical vocabulary revision.

Now try Day 5 Princess and Wizard maths activities.  Today is all about making symmetrical patterns.  There is a powerpoint below which introduces simply and visually how to make things symmetrical. 


Sport Dave has put another video up on the "Sport and Keeping Active Home Learning" tab.  Today it is a set of athletic challenges which look a lot of fun and a good reason to get out to the park with the family when you get a chance.  There is a ball throwing challenge, a long jump challenge, a sprint challenge and a long distance running challenge.  You'll need a stop watch and tape measure of some sort to set yourselves up.  Send your times and results in to me and I'll pass them on to Dave - see if you can beat any brothers, sisters, mums, dads, grandparents who are around - don't let them tell you they are busy!!!  Have fun everyone and a lovely weekend too.