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Wednesday 1st July 2020

Good morning everyone,

I thought it was going to be a lovely day today, but then the weather man on the news said rain so we'll have to see what happens.  It's still looking OK at the mo.  It was quite exciting in class yesterday as Emi found a dead butterfly outside her house and brought it in to show everyone.  We looked at different pictures of butterflies and think it could be one of three types but aren't quite sure.  Still everyone was SO interested.  And today, Charlie has just walked into the classroom with a leaf full of some sort of eggs - we are wondering if they are ladybirds.  They are going into a butterfly home so we can watch what happens.  We will keep you posted.  Have a nice day.

Letters and Sounds


Practise the digraphs ee, oo, oa and ow - Look at them, say them, write them.

Read the tricky words and high frequency words on the powerpoint below.  Then practise writing the word "my".  Then quickly draw a pig, a dog and a cat and write "my pig", "my dog" and "my cat" under each picture making sure you leave a finger space between each word.

Let's remind ourselves of the vowels again as we are learning to recognise and write words with sw before the vowel today.  Here is a different song.
Now practise writing the letters v and w on page 13 of the handwriting sheets.  Both these letters sit on the line and the w is just like doing two  v's joined together.  So remember the vulture for v and say "up a wing, down a wing", and for w we say "down up down up".  
Today we are going to think about the initial blend "sw" which is made up of an s and a w.  Write sw down.  Now practise saying these words with your adult and see how the w changes the word.  Your adult can write each word too so you can see the difference seep/sweep, seet/sweet, sim/swim, sell/swell, sing/swing.  Now play the attached game with your adult which is a bit like battleships.  Read the instructions attached and see if you can find where the x is.  However, when you have to mark off a box, write an "sw" in it.  If you don't have a printer, draw a grid on pieces of paper instead.  Have fun.
Now see if you can write swag, swing and sweet.
It's time to write the second clue for your minibeast brain teaser.  Today you need to find out what your minibeast likes to eat and write a sentence pretending you are a minibeast which says that, so you might write "I like to eat lots and lots of leaves", or "I like to eat flies", or "I catch flies in my web to eat", or "I like to eat nectar from flowers".  Have your sound mat out to help you as you sound out each word and don't forget your finger spaces.

If you want to practise your phonics with a teacher, click on one of the links below:

Number Time

Watch Oak Academy Wednesday's maths lesson.  Today it is about estimating and measuring the length of a piece of toilet paper using different objects!

Now have a go at the Oliver's Garden Day 3 maths activities.  Today it is all about working out how many vegetables are added to a first amount to make a new total.  

Minibeast Activities

Watch the Minibeast Adventures with Jess - today they are all about water boatmen - find out what they are.

As the weather is looking good today, we will go and  have a look in the pond to see if we can see some water boatmen and pond skaters.  If you have a pond nearby too, see if you can find some.