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Wednesday 22nd April


Start the lesson with the board calculations below. Remember to mark your work and if you have made any mistakes, see if you can find out what you did wrong. Remember, mistakes grow your brain! So don't worry!

Year 3

Can I represent equivalent fractions?

Go to the White Rose website on the link below. As this is revision, I would like you to watch the videos for

Week 1 Summer 1 Lessons 1 and 2. 

I have saved the worksheets for both lessons below.

You can just do worksheet 2 or if you want more challenge do worksheets 2 and 3.

Year 4

Can I make a whole using decimal numbers?

Watch the video for Summer Week 1 Lesson 1 on the link below.

Complete and mark the worksheet saved below.


Can I spell words with the prefixes dis mis and re?

Start by doing a recap on the prefixes we have been learning dis mis re by doing the worksheet in your pack :

Prefix recap p 31 

Megan has filled in the worksheet with the answers for me and I have saved it below so you can check your work. 


Can I understand the meaning of words in context?

Today you will be doing the second lesson on instructions. Please follow the link below. Start with the recap quiz. 

Next watch the video which is teaching strategies for understanding the meaning of words. Pause the video when you are asked to and work through the questions on the Slide. You don't need to do Slide 6 as it is spellings. Return to the video to mark your work. Again you can stop the video when he goes through the spelling words.

Next return to the slides and read the Information text 'How to set up the Co-bot 20'.

Finally do the recap quiz at the end.




Miss Kimber has kindly prepared the lesson for today. We will be learning vocabulary for food this half term. She has made a really helpful Powerpoint with activities for you to do below! I hope you enjoy doing this. 

If you want to learn more French, don't forget there are lots of resources to help with learning a language online. I am continuing with my Spanish using the App Duolingo. 

Times tables

Spend some time practising your times tables. Either use your flashcards, make a tables game using playing cards or go online. There is a list of lots of different websites for you to try in your pack. There is always as well.