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Wednesday 24th February

Good morning and happy Wednesday - half way through the week!
Here is a morning message from me:

Wednesday 24th February Morning Message

And here are some pictures of Flash and Fred. I'm sorry if they look a bit grumpy - I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to take any and had promised you some, so I took these whilst they were hungry and waiting for their supper! I promise I fed them straight afterwards!!


I wonder if you've ever heard of kurling? It's a Winter Olympic sport. Today, your challenge involves having a go at this sport.

It's time for PE with Joe - Wednesday means a quiz, I wonder what it will be about today?!


It's Wednesday today, which means Times Tables Tests. Click on the link below to find the times tables test you need (if you're not sure, send me an e-mail and I can remind you which one you are working on). We normally have 5-6 minutes for this in class as the grids have lots of questions on. Once you have finished, click the answers link and then you will be able to mark it - let me know how you get on so I can update my tracker. Good luck!

Today, you are going to be carrying on with your learning about calculating the perimeter of shapes. You are going to be calculating the perimeter of 'rectilinear' shapes. This sounds like a complicated term, but it just means shapes which are made up of different rectangles! Start by watching the video, complete the worksheet and then mark your work. The answers sheet shows all of my workings and explains how I solved the problems, so if you find it tricky today, you might want to have a look to see how I worked them out.
If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the perimeter reasoning task below. Make sure you explain how you know or give some examples to prove your ideas for question 2. I've attached my workings and answers so you can check your work.


This term in RE, we will be learning about Jesus' resurrection and why this event is so important to Christians.

To start with, we need to remind ourselves about the key events which took place in The Easter Story.

Start by watching the video below.

In this session, I would like you to share your understanding of The Easter Story.

You could:

Rewrite The Easter Story in your own words.

Create a story map with pictures and captions showing the main events.

Cut and stick the sequencing cards below in the correct order and add some captions for each picture.

Create a comic strip to retell the story (you could use the template below which has three different options).

Create a video retelling the story.

Pilates Live at 1.30pm

Join me at 1.30pm on Google Classroom for our weekly Pilates session. As always, we will do some of the moves we have practised before and I will add in a couple of new ones for us to try.

Make sure you are wearing something comfortable and have some water ready to drink.


Mrs Soley has planned a fun Art session for you to complete this afternoon. You will be making your own fossil puzzle! Read through the instructions below carefully then have a go at making your own.