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Wednesday 10th February 2021

Good morning everybody, 

I'm back in school again today and very much looking forward to the bat art this afternoon - take a look, Mrs Miller has made a wonderful video with 4 different activities to choose from.  We enjoyed investigating all the different ice containers in school yesterday and a couple of them had water and ice in them.  When I've had a look today, the ice is still there and doesn't look any different from yesterday - I wonder why....?  I wonder if it will sit on the table tennis table unaltered all day today too - I'll let you know.  I hope your ice creations came out well too.  It's meant to be very cold weather for a few more days, so if you didn't get a chance to make some ice overnight, why not try today.  We might fill a rubber glove up with water and see what happens.  If you make any super dooper ice statues, send a photo over and I shall put it on the morning message today or tomorrow.  Have a happy, batty day.

Skipping Challenge record sheet

Letters and Sounds

Join in with the Jolly Phonics songs below.

Jolly Phonics songs vowel digraphs part 1 -ai, ee, igh, oa

See if you can read the "or" words with the video below.
You are going to need to be good at writing the letter "e" for today's lesson so have a little practise on the "e" handwriting sheet.   Remember, we cut the egg in half and go through the egg, over the egg and under the egg.  You will need page 14 to practise on.

Start off by playing the tricky word song - can you write any down as the song shows them to you?

Now we are going to practise spelling five of the Phase 3 tricky words me, he, she, we, be.  These are pretty easy tricky words as long as you remember they all end with only one e.  So write a letter 'e' in the middle of your page in a colour that you like in a bubble and then around the outside of the 'e' write the tricky words above using the same colour for the e in each word and a different colour for the first sound.  Make sure you say the word after you've spelt it.  How many of each of the tricky words can you write on your piece of paper?
You could also start your own tricky word band if that works for you - see below.
Now have a go at tricky word noughts and crosses.  You need 2 players.  Draw a noughts and crosses grid and in each section ask your child to write one of our tricky words he, me, she, we, be (see picture below). There will be more than one of some of the words.  Then have a game of noughts and crosses but each player has to read the word in the section they want before drawing their nought or cross.  Have fun.

Writing game - page 2

Now have a go at making your second clue card.  This time you are going to have to write the clue "This is a rat".  See if you can sound out each word to your adult and write each sound as you say it.  Don't forget your spaces between words.  Use your alphabet picture sheet to help form letters correctly. Then you decide what picture to draw - will it be a rat (they are quite easy to draw) or will it be something else?  The film is below again if you need a reminder of what we are doing.

Number Time

Days of the week clap

Let's listen to the story Jasper's Beanstalk to get the lesson going and see what different things he does right and wrong on different days of the week.

Now watch the week 3, session 3 video on the days of the week.  What do we do on different days, it might not be so easy to work it out as we are at home all the time at the moment,  but have a think of when we have a zoom meeting, when do we have a celebration assembly or a pe lesson?   What day is the first day of your weekend - do you do something the same that day, or on the Sunday, the day before home learning starts again?  Can anyone remember what day we ate pizza on each week at school or fish fingers?  You might have a special type of meal on a Saturday or Sunday.  See what you can work out with your adult.  Check the activity to the side of the video for a template and instructions.

Healthy Eating and the Bean Game

Story Telling - The 3 Frilly Goats Fluff

Today you are going to sing the story and then step it out, trying to remember the important parts of the story.  The more you step it out and retell it, the more you are going to add - have fun.

Bat art

There are four different art activities to try in this clip. If you scroll through the video there are numbers which mark each different piece of artwork. Choose one that you would like to try,,,or try them all!

Bat art- 4 choices


As we have heard the story of Jaspers Beanstalk, why don't you try and learn this song from Jack and the Beanstalk- The Musical. Mrs Miller has been teaching Class 2 all of the songs with their actions. Wouldn't it be fun if we learnt some of them too?

Jack went to market song

Why not finish your day with the Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson.  Lily S got this for Christmas and has enjoyed hearing it recently.

David Tennant for Save with Stories reading "The Highway Rat" by Julia Donaldson

Thank you David Tennant for helping us to raise urgent funds for our coronavirus appeal by reading "The Highway Rat" by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel ...