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Wednesday 1st April

Good morning, how are we all doing? Today's question - Have you filled in your weather journal? 

Morning Job - those of you who are beady eyed will see that I have changed this job. Don't worry if you have already done the job, you can do this one on Friday. 


This job was sent to me by one of the Yr 2 boys. He thought we would like to do a bird watch. This is the link to have a go. 

Hello Class 2, it’s Mrs Sothcott here!

Finley had a go at yesterday’s art job - To design and decorate an egg. We decided to do real eggs but you could also draw an egg shape on paper and decorate it however you like! Here is our egg family:

Can you tell which egg is Mrs Sothcott, Mr Sothcott, Finley and Lewis? Remember, Lewis is only 2 so that might give you a bit of a clue! If you didn’t do this yesterday, see if you can have a go at decorating an egg sometime this week. Remember to email us a photo!


You can a) finish your book


            b) design a front cover for your book


            c) choose one of the phonics sheets to complete / learn to spell 5 of the key words for your year group




Year 1


Now you are fraction experts, I would like you to show what you have learnt about finding and recognising a half by completing the following sheet:

Remember you can use practical apparatus and a bar model to help you. You can use your maths book to draw pictures too if you like!

Year 2


Yesterday you learnt how to recognise a quarter and today you will practise finding a quarter.

Follow the link below, make sure you select Week 1 and scroll down to lesson 5: Find a quarter.

First watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet. Remember to use the pages in your maths book to draw pictures and show your workings if you need to!



I had hoped to be able to cut and paste all of this, but the program won't let me, so click on the link below to find out the lesson.