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Monday 23rd March 2020

Morning everyone,

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday and that you remembered to give your mums their cards and presents.


Each day, I will suggest a few activities you could try in relation to reading and writing, maths and "other stuff"!  It is up to your family how you organise your day.  You might want to stick to a timetable for each day if that fits in well with family time (I will try and put an example online), or you might just want to give things a go as they fit in with what else is happening in the household.   It may be that you are very busy learning and playing through something you have discovered yourself so if that is working well, leave my suggestions until you're in a good place to consider them. 


I hope you're ready for a nice sunny Monday.  It might be a nice idea to kick start your mornings with Joe Wicks everyday.  He is going to be doing a PE lesson at 9.00 am everyday online on his YouTube Channel for 30 minutes which should be a lot of fun to do with other people in your family or on your own.  It should certainly shake away the cobwebs and get you ready for the day.


Letters and Sounds

Practise your sound cards with an adult. 

Then find tricky word like.  In your yellow book, practise  writing the word 4 times in 4 different colours, saying 'like' after each time you write it.

Watch Alpha Blocks ch and sh Team episode.


Can you sound out the word chip? Ch-I-p, now either make the word with your sound cards or write it down.  Can you change chip to ship? Sound it out and make it or write it down.  Do the same with chop and shop, and chin and shin.  Now have a go at reading the following sentences in the powerpoint and writing down the missing word.


Finally, have a go at writing the sentence "I like fish and chips."  Use your rainbow writing from earlier and sound mat to help you.  Say the sentence to your adult, say it to a teddy, say it to your book, say it to a brother or sister if they are listening and then say out loud to yourself.  Now have a go at writing it being careful to leave spaces between words. 

Number Time

Follow the link below to find out how to have fun and use mathematical skills whilst carrying out an egg hunt.  All the activities for the week are based on the book "We're Going on an Egg Hunt" by Martha Mumford.  If you have the book at home, it would be nice to read it first, or I have found a YouTube link to someone reading it if you want to use that.  You don't have to read the book to carry out the activities but we do love a story in Class 1!  If you click on the little video picture it explains everything you could have a go at doing.  If you click on "Get the Activity", it sums up the activities as easy to read screens/cards.    Mums and Dads, you could get the children to make some paper/card eggs of different shapes and colours if you don't have the real thing to hand! (very good for fine motor practise and the cutting is great for strengthening those little fingers) (some find it easier than others).


Discovery Time

As some of you know who were in school last week, we were hoping to go for a spring walk around the village on Wednesday, but because of the updates on the news, we decided it was best to leave it for the time being.  However, we certainly seem to have left the cold, wet and dreary winter behind and the weather this week is meant to be glorious.  There is so much around at the moment that tells us that Spring has arrived.  I am hoping that it might be possible for you to do your own spring walk with some of your family.  Even if you can only make it to your front or back garden, there is plenty to see.  Tell your parents what you already know about spring, have a little look at the spring powerpoint attached and then head outdoors with your spring tick sheet and see what you can find.  You might want to take a little bag with you to collect any treasures that your find on your way and why not take some photos of what you find too (see if you can take some of the photos yourself if it is at all possible). 

Challenge for the week:   Can you make your own spring picture by arranging what you found on your walk, or by organising your photos that you took?  You could send some photos over of what you found and we could put a few on the website to share with the class.  Happy huntiing!!!