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Friday 19th June 2020

Morning everyone,


It's wet and dreary again - boo!  In fact, due to the dreary weather, all I have to report about yesterday is that I dropped off to sleep on the settee after tea, forgot all about the quiz I should have been doing at 8 o'clock with the other staff from the school and then went to bed!!  I hope you did better than me!


Please do keep up your reading at home when it is possible.  Take a look at your Bug Club books.  You can always listen to the books being read to you and then have a go at some of the pages after.  Don't forget to press on the little bug in the green circle as he has little activities for you to do where you can earn yourself points and then go and spend them on playing different games.  Parents, if you click on the parents tab of Bug Club it will tell you all about it.  If you need some more information about Bug Club and how to access it, please drop me a quick email and I will send you everything you need to get going.  


Let's hope for a brighter weekend.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds by singing some of the Jolly Phonics songs.

Now practise reading the phase 4 tricky words.  When you have read my and her, see if you can write them down.
Let's have a go at writing the letter o.  Now make sure you start at the top of the o and begin forming it just as if you were writing a letter c so it then finishes at the top.  Underneath, on the blank lines, have a go at writing a few of the letters we have been practising throughout the week: c, a, d, g, o, e, f, s
Have a quick game of match cards from Phonics Bloom.  Choose a sound you need to practise - Phase 2 is the only phase available for this game.
Now it is time to write the final page of your life cycle of a butterfly book.  Discuss what the fourth stage is and what your sentence will say.  Practise saying your sentence with your adult a few times and look to see what words you can copy from your butterfly word mat.  Then have a go at writing your sentence one word at a time, sounding out as you go.  Draw the last picture below.  When it's finished and you're happy with it, send it over so I can enjoy reading it too.

Number Time

As we have been making our butterfly book all week, let's have a go at making a symmetrical butterfly using finger printing.  I have put a link to the simple powerpoint which shows visually how to make symmetrical patterns and then you can have a go at making your symmetrical butterfly patterns using the link below.  

Now have a go at the Mirror Belle Day 5 activities.  Today they are all about doubling and and exploring capacity with different containers of water.


Click on Sport Dave's video in the Sport and Keep Active Home Learning part of the website.  Today it is all about practising your athletic jumps.  You could always have a go at another week's previous video that you enjoyed too to improve another skill.  


Also don't forget to check out Mr Woolley's lego page - last week it was make a sea creature which would be good fun to have a go at and this week it is about making a ride for a park and there is a little video for you to watch there of Mr Woolley's ride in action.  Have fun everyone.