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Wednesday 24th June

Good morning Class Four and what a beautiful morning it is again today - I think it's meant to be even hotter today, so make sure you wear a hat and suncream if you are going outside and drink lots of water.

I hope you all had a good day yesterday and enjoyed the origami art session smiley

I had a busy evening - it was Tuesday so that meant kickboxing. I cycled over to Chandler's Ford again and met up with Nancy and Karen. We had a different instructor last night but she was really good. There was a lot of fitness - burpees, star jumps, push ups... so I'm a bit tired and achy today! As well as working on our punching and kicking technique.

Flash is very tired at the moment - I think it's the heat. All he does when I get home is sleep and he's probably already been sleeping all day whilst I'm at work!

I don't think I said on Monday what I would like you to send me this week. This week I would like you to send me two pieces of work (obviously more than 2 is great!) from different subjects, you can choose which work you send. So it might be your fact page and a photo of your art, or a piece of Maths and a piece of topic work. It is completely your choice this week.

Hope you all have a great day today, keep up the amazing work.

Love Miss Olver x

Here is another lovely animal poem from last week's silent writing task:

Year 6 pupils will hopefully remember that we used the money we raised in our Year 5 play to adopt a turtle with the WWF. Yesterday, I received an annual update magazine from them with information about how they have used the money and some other interesting articles. I've scanned it in and included it below in case you want to have a read. This could count as your independent reading for today.

Our turtle adoption time has now come to an end (as it's been a whole year), but you might be interested in adopting one yourself with your family. You could always organise a fundraiser with family or friends and use it towards this. I've put the website link below in case you are interested.

It was a shame that Joe didn't do a workout yesterday, but in school we created our own. We chose 20 moves, put them on slips of paper in a bag, then picked out one at a time at random to work through. It was good fun. You could try this at home too! I wonder what Joe has planned for us today?


Today is Wednesday, which means Beat That challenges. If you still have one left, work through this. If you have run out, send me an email telling me which one you need and I will email it to you. Give yourself two minutes to complete the challenge. Then, if an adult is free, you could ask them to kindly mark it for you, or you could mark it yourself using a calculator.


Year 5

Today you are going to be working on multiplying decimals and then tomorrow dividing decimals. Go to the White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 5 website and find Summer Term Week 9, Lesson 3 which is called ‘Multiplying Decimals by 10, 100 and 1000’. Watch the video and then work through the worksheet. I have attached the answers so you can check your work.

If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the extension sheet below which has three problems on similar to the pink problems we often do at the end of our Maths sessions in school. I have attached the answers so you can check your answers.

Year 6

Today you are going to be continuing with your work on perimeter and area. Go to the White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 6 website and find Summer Term Week 9, Lesson 3 which is called ‘Area of Parallelograms’. Watch the video and then work through the worksheet.  I have attached the answers so you can check your work. On Question 7. b) I don't really understand the question! I asked Mrs Bird about it and she didn't understand it either so I think it must be a mistake so just ignore this one - it's clearly not a triangle! I think perhaps they are trying to suggest that it could be a triangle as when we find the area of a triangle we halve the area of the rectangle, but it's clear here it isn't a triangle, so I'm not sure! I've attached a document showing my workings and answers for Q4 and 7. a) in case you want to see how I solved them.

If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the extension sheet below which has two extra problems on similar to the pink problems we often do at the end of our Maths lessons in class. I have attached the answers so you can check your work.


Today, you need to finish, edit and improve your fact page.

Once you have finished your first draft, spend some time checking through. Here are some things you might want to check:

  • Have you remembered punctuation? You need capital letters and full stops, commas if you have written a list and a colon before any lists made of bullet points.
  • Have you checked your spellings? You can use a dictionary or you can always ask Siri or Alexa!
  • Are there any words which are tricky to understand? Perhaps you have used some very scientific or technical words in your fact page. If you have, make sure you explain what these mean so your reader understands.
  • Has each section got a clear subheading?
  • Have your pictures got captions?
  • If you have time, try reading your text aloud to help you spot any mistakes or areas you could improve.

As it is Wednesday, Mrs Kimble has set your another SPAG challenge. Don't forget to read through the help sheet carefully first. If you have a go at the challenge, remember to send it to me and I will forward it onto her so she can give you some feedback.

Here is a message from her:

Good Morning Class 4,

Once again thank you to all those who completed my SPAG Challenge last week. I do enjoy looking at your work each week and seeing all the efforts you are making with your learning whether you are at home or at school. I’ve had an idea for next week’s SPAG Challenge. I thought it would be good idea if you all had a think and decided what punctuation and grammar you would like to be challenged on. If you send your suggestions across to Miss Olver, she can pass them on to me and I will get Mr. Kimble to choose one for next week. I’m sure he won’t be able to tell which are easy and which are difficult. I think that would make a nice change instead of me deciding each week.

I’m so pleased the weather has changed and we can have some lovely sunny days and enjoy being outside as much as possible.  Sunshine certainly brightens my spirits and I can relax for a while now our plants have had a good drink of rain. This week we have really enjoyed eating produce from the vegetable patch: lettuce, spinach, radishes, courgettes and new potatoes. The peas are almost ready, too. Tomorrow, I intend to pick some soft fruit: blackcurrants and gooseberries and I think I spotted some raspberries ripe enough to pick. I’ll freeze most of them but find some new recipes  to try as well. I really love gooseberry s and elderflower sorbet so I’ll certainly make some of that.

Mr, Kimble and I had a lovely time on Sunday when we had a socially distanced lunch with our son, Andrew, and our daughter in law, Julia, and William and Oliver, our two grandsons. Both of the boys had cooked something for the meal. For starters Will, who is 15, had made nachos with chorizo, avocado, tomatoes and melted cheese – yummy – and Ollie, who is 12 had baked really thin, crispy shortbread fingers to eat with strawberries and cream – delicious.  They helped to serve the meal and acted like waiters and wore disposable gloves to carry in our plates and pour our drinks.!  They told us all about their home learning and Will, who is in year 10, talked about what it’s like to be back at Wyvern – only for two days a week, though. It was so good to chat to them all. Mind you, they stopped chatting to us when the football came on the television and their father and grandad joined them so Julia and I had a good long gossip in the sunshine.

I thought it would be a good idea to do one more Challenge on Active and Passive sentences this week and I hope lots of you will take up the Challenge. I was really impressed with the work you sent me last week . I may have put a few tricky ones in this time so Good Luck!

Love from Mrs. Kimble


Today we are going to be learning about life cycles and will be focusing on the life cycles of amphibians.

First, work through the Powerpoint to remind yourself what life cycles are, what type of animals amphibians are and find out about the life cycle of an amphibian.

Today I would like you to describe the life cycle of an amphibian of your choice. You could retell the life cycle of a frog in your own words, or you might want to do the life cycle of a toad, salamander or a newt. 

You can do this on the worksheet below, or you might like to create a Poster/Powerpoint to share your understanding.

Spellings and Reading

Make sure you practise your spellings at some point today ready for your test on Friday and do some independent reading of your choice.