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Monday 25th January

Here is a morning message from me:

Monday 25th January Morning Message

And here are some photos from my weekend:


Here is your daily PE challenge:

I'll be joining Joe for his PE session from home today. I hope you will all be joining in too! I wonder if it will be a Wheel of Fortune one today? If so, I hope it doesn't keep getting stuck on spider lunges and mountain climbers like last week...


First, watch the video below. Pause it where it says and have a go at the warm up questions. Then press play again to see if you are correct.

Monday Maths Warm Up Video

Today, you are going to be learning how to use the long division method. This method is really useful for when we are dividing by a 2 digit number. Today, we are going to be looking at dividing by 11 or 12 because we are already familiar with these times tables. First, watch the videos and then decide if you want to try the easier sheet (3 digits divided by 2 digits) or the harder sheet (4 digits divided by 2 digits). I've attached my workings and answers so you can check your work.

Long Division Part One

Long Division Part Two

If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the extension task below. I've attached answers so you can check your work.

10am Assembly Live

Mr Woolley will be doing a whole school assembly today at 10am on Teams. Your parents will have been sent the link on Parentmail. I'll be watching from home too.


It is that time of the month where I get to send a newspaper article off to be published in the Bishops Waltham Parish News. I thought for your silent writing this week, you could write a newspaper article about what it's like learning from home in Lockdown 3.0. Some things are the same as when you were completing your home learning last year, but lots of things are different - for example, Teams assemblies, live sessions on Google Classroom and more videos from the teachers. It's also very different weather this time so you might not be able to go outside as much on your breaks.

If you are learning at school, then you can write about this experience and describe how it is different to learning in school normally.

I will read through all of your articles and then choose one or two to send off to be published.

Today, I would like you to plan your newspaper article using the planning sheet below, then tomorrow you can write it.

I've included some of the previous articles which have been published below in case you want to have a look at these first.


Today, you are going to start learning about the quadgraph 'ough'.

What is a quadgraph you say? Well, let's think about each part of the word. What does quad mean? Think about quad bike, quadricep, quadrant, quadruplets... Quad means 4. What does graph mean? It means drawn or written. So a quadgraph is a combination of 4 letters written to represent one sound.

Start by working through the Powerpoint.

Cut out the words in the document below and sort them based on the sound the letters 'ough' are making.

Clue: There are more sounds than the ones shared on the Powerpoint!

I've attached my answers so you can check your work.

If you have time, you could work through the crossword or wordsearch (or both!) to help you practise reading and writing words with 'ough' in.
Start practising your spelling sentences now ready for your test on Friday.

RHE (Relationships and Health Education)

We all know how important it is to look after our bodies and stay physically healthy. We know that we need to do regular exercise, eat a healthy and balanced diet and get enough sleep.

It is just as important to look after our mental health. During this lockdown period, it's easy to feel a bit down and to worry about things which are going on around us. But we need to try and focus on the positives and remember that there are lots of things we are still able to do and should be thankful for.

At the weekend, one of my friends shared a photo of a 'happiness tree' she had created with her children. I thought this was a fantastic idea to help remind us of the things that make us happy, so I decided to make one too - you can see the photo of it below. I really enjoyed doing this and felt calm and positive when I finished. This afternoon I would like you to make one too.

First, draw a tree on a piece of paper - it can be as big as you like. Then think about the things which make you happy and add these as leaves. It could be things you can do, people, places, books... Be as creative as you like.

I hope you enjoy doing this and maybe you can display it somewhere in your house to remind you if you are ever feeling a bit low.