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Friday 22nd January

Here is a morning message for you:

Friday 22nd January Morning Message

And some Flash and Fred pictures to put a smile on your faces!

Here is a morning message for you from Mrs Soley:

Good morning class four

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed your home learning this week.  Thank you for sending in your photos of art and cooking that you have done.  I very much look forward to seeing these each week. 

This week, I have been preparing some DT for you to do next week.  You will be making a hand drum out of things that you can find around the house.  For cooking, it will be a milk pudding flavoured with cinnamon, another video cooking session.  Let’s hope Ben doesn’t keep laughing like last week. 



A Pringles tube or toilet roll tube

Craft knife/Stanley knife (adult help needed here)

A dowel or wooden stick (I used a knitting needle)

Decorative tape or ribbon

Balloons (if you are using a toilet roll tube)




Colouring pens/pencils

A4 paper

Large-eyed needle (good for poking holes and threading ribbon)



2 litres of milk (whichever milk you normally use or you could try half coconut milk

2 cinnamon sticks (if you don’t have these then a little ground cinnamon would be fine)

300g sugar

75g flour

50g cornflour

Ground cinnamon (for sprinkling on top)


I have included a photo of me and Jacob doing some baking this week.  He is always willing as he knows there’s something to eat at the end of it.  We are working through the recipes from the book that Miss Olver bought me for Christmas.  So far we have made a baked pancake with berries and these little chocolate and raisin cookies. 

I hope you all have a good weekend and let’s hope the weather is better than it has been so we can all get outside for some fresh air.

Bye for now.

Mrs Soley xx


It's fancy dress Friday for PE with Joe today - I'm intrigued to see which outfit he has chosen today!


For your Maths today, you are going to be revising co-ordinates. We worked on these in the lead up to Christmas and you had great fun plotting co-ordinates to create Christmas pictures. I had a few requests for some more work on this, so I have made up some Mayan themed co-ordinate pictures for you to plot.

First, read through the Powerpoint below to remind you how co-ordinates work. They are similar to the grid references we worked on last week in our map topic work.

I have created two Mayan-themed co-ordinate pictures. You can choose to do either one, or both if you have time. I won't say what they make as that would ruin the surprise, and try not to look at the answers until you have completed them!

Each time it says 'Start', plot that point. Then plot each point, joining up from one to the next with a ruler until you get to the word 'Stop'. Then stop joining and start the next set of instructions.

Here are some tips:

1. Remember the rule 'Along the corridor, up the stairs'. The first co-ordinate refers to the x axis along the bottom (or along the corridor). The second co-ordinate refers to the y axis up the left-hand side (or up the stairs).

2. Do your work in pencil so you can rub it out if you make a mistake.

3. Join your dots with a ruler if you have one.

4. Cross off each co-ordinate on the instruction sheet as you go, so you know which one you are working on next.

11.30am PE Live

At 11.30am, Southampton Football Club will be doing another Zoom PE session for you. Your parents will have been sent a link for this on Parentmail. I hope you enjoy it!

Here is today's PE challenge and an extra PE version of rock, paper, scissors which you might want to have a go at with your family today or over the weekend.


It is Friday, which means spelling test day! I have made a video of your spelling test for you to use. Remember that you can pause/replay this as many times as you need too. Or you can ask an adult to read the sentences out for you. Then check your work.

Spelling Test Friday 22nd January

1.30pm Celebration Assembly Live

Mr Woolley will be holding a celebration assembly live on Teams today at 1.30pm. Your parents will have been sent the link via Parentmail. I'll be joining in from home and hope lots of you will be too.


Mrs Soley has planned another fun cooking session for you. Today you will be making Mayan couscous.

Watch the videos and then open the recipe and try making it yourself.

Remember to send us some pictures of your finished products.