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Friday Celebration Assembly

Every Friday at 1.30pm we will hold our usual Friday Celebration Assembly using Teams - parents have been sent a link via Parentmail. This will give us a moment to come together to say 'well done' to some children who have shown some particularly strong learning behaviours this week as part of their remote learning. They could have been particularly independent, solved problems, shown great resilience, been patient, approached things in a more positive way, thought carefully, tried to use what they already know, persevered, made links between learning or thought about the best way to learn.


If you were celebrated today, you can print off you certificate here:

Friday 12 February

We did our first celebration assembly using Google Classroom today - it was lovely to be able to see everyone's faces and to show everyone giving a clap as well!

Class 4: Class 4 have been writing some Mayan Myths and all have send back some fabulous pieces of work - well done to everyone! In addition, Mrs Soley's chocolate bar designs, linked to the Mayan folk tails, were really well presented - Lars, Maddox and Louis gave theirs particular thought.

Class 3: All week, class 3 children have been finding out aspects of Roma life. They spend some time independently researching topics of interest, such as food & drink, buildings and roads. They presented their findings in different forms - models, powerpoints, posters etc and presented them to each other in google classroom. Well done to everyone for such fabulous work!

Class 2: In RE, children had been exploring a story of 'The Lost Son' - Monty, Violet, Hector, Esther and Hug gave theirs particular thought. They had also been producing story maps to help understand the events within the 'Jack and the Beanstalk' traditional tale - well done to Leila, Eva, Monty, Zain, Violet and George Ruddock who included some lovely details.

Class 1: During such a cold week, the children have been exploring ice and been surprised how some of the ice shapes they made haven't melted at all! They have also been learning about nocturnal animals and Jacob and Lily B have done loads of work about them at home.

Friday 5 February

This week we explored some of the great remote learning pieces of work that children have worked hard on this week and return to their teacher.We celebrated:

Class 4: Class 4 have been learning about the Ancient Mayans and in RE were trying to think how a Mayan might have done by writing 'prayers' to a god. Yasmin, Austen and Louis worked particularly hard on this.  They have also produced comic strips to complete the ending of the 'Dragon Dilemma' story and everyone did really well in keeping the main aspects of the story.

Class 3: Class 3 are learning about the Romans this term and have spend some time developing mosaic designs. This week they have started to create a final piece of artwork and Rosie C, Indie, Siena, Louie, Fletcher, Caitlin and Ella all worked really hard on this. They also made some Roman temples and Rufus, Finley and Lewis were particularly creative with theirs.

Class 2: As part of their 'Traditional Tales' topic they have been re-telling and writing their own versions of 'Hansel and Gretel'. Hector, Joseph G and Violet all sent back their versions where they had worked hard to edit and improve their first piece. Paige, Zain and George Ruddock also worked hard to complete their writing.

Class 1: Class 1 have started writing their own sentences and were preparing sentences that start with 'I can...'. India, Phoenix, Grace, Theo, Lily S and Betsy sent back some pictures that showed their sentence. They have also produced some fabulous Owl paintings this week too. 

Friday 29 January

These children showed some great learning behaviours this week in their remote learning:

Class 4: Amelia & Lars

Class 3: Elsie, Finley, Thomas & George

Class 2: Zain, Leila & Florence

Class 1: Lily Smith & Theo

Friday 22 January

Today we said 'well done' for the great learning that these children have demonstrated this week:

Class 4: Bobby, Charlotte & Logan

Class 3: Louie McDonald, Eliza & Connor

Class 2: Nicole, Emi, Joseph Bangs & Monty

Class 1: Jacob

Friday 15 January

So many children have worked really hard with their remote learning this week but we said a particular well done to:

Class 4: Kamma, Hayden, Yasmin & Kiera

Class 3: Caitlin, Rosie, Stephanie, Hannah, & Samuel

Class 2: Jack, Theo, Esther, Harry & Lydia

Class 1: Grace, Lily S, India, Sophie, Jonny, Riley, Zoe, Theo, Betsy & Phoenix