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Weekly Challenges

Monday 18th May


This week I am setting you the challenge of completing a second attempt on all of your physical challenges set so far!


Last week some of you will have chosen one to have another go at, so you’ve already completed one of them, now over the week have a go at the others!


I had a second attempt at all of the physical challenges over the weekend and I’ve added a photo below of my first and second attempts in a table to remind everyone of the challenges we have completed so far!


I did this table in notes on my phone but you could draw it out or maybe do it on a computer?


Have fun, I look forward to hearing how you have all got on soon!

PE Dave’s Physical Challenges!

Monday 11th May


Physical Challenge


Choose at least one of your physical challenges from a previous week and see if you can beat your best score in 30 seconds. I will have a go at beating all of mine by the end of the week and let you know how I get on!


Creative Challenge


Create your own obstacle course! Use any sporting equipment or any other obstacles you have to create a course for you to work your way around. You could time yourself and see how long it takes and even ask your family members to have a go as well!

Monday 4th May


Physical Challenge


This weeks physical challenge is to see how many lunge jumps you can do in 30 seconds.


Those of you who have completed the Joe Wicks workouts should be familiar with this, but if not you start in a lunge position with one leg forward and bent, your back straight and your back leg behind with your knee just off the floor. You then jump and swap legs, still without your back knee touching the floor!


I can do 31 in 30 seconds so see if you can beat me!


Creative Challenge


This week I would like you to come up with a ‘ball skills’ challenge. Using as many different types of balls as you can find, can you set up a circuit of challenges.


For example, football dribble through some cones 5 times, 10 bounces with a basketball, 10 tap-ups with a tennis ball and so on...


Once you’ve set it up you could get your family members to have a go as well! Have fun!

Week 6 - Monday 27th April


Physical Challenge


How many jumping jacks can you do in 30 seconds? I had a go today and I can do 44, give it a go and see if you can beat my score!


Creative Challenge


A few weeks ago I asked you to collect your old tins, ideally 10 in total. This was for today’s creative challenge, to build your own tin can bowling alley, see my picture below for an example.


Use any small ball you have and see how many of the tins you can knock over. You could even play against your family members and have a bowling evening!

Tin Can Alley!

Week 5 - Monday 20th April


Physical Challenge


How many squats can you do in 30 seconds? Make sure you bend your knees to a 90 degree angle and keep your back as straight as possible. Those who have been doing the Joe Wicks workouts should be getting really good at these! I will post my record at the moment is 26, I will see if I can beat it by the end of the week!


Creative Challenge


This week you are going to become PE Dave or Joe Wicks.... I would like you to come up with your own workout and be the PE teachers for your family for a day! Think about how many activities you would like them to complete, how long each activity is for and how much rest is needed in between each one. 

Week 4 - Tuesday 14th April


Footgolf Challenge


The challenge this week is slightly different to the last three, instead of being a tough physical challenge it is a creative one. Footgolf is a combination of two of my favourite sports, football and golf. You have to kick the ball trying to get it into a hole in as few shots as possible. Over the Easter weekend I created a Footgolf hole in my garden with the help of my children. Your challenge is to create your own Footgolf hole, or even a small Footgolf course.


I have added a picture of my hole below, which includes the following obstacles:


Out of bounds - 1 shot penalty.

If you kick the ball past the yellow line on the right you must add 1 shot to your score and move the ball back into the course.


Pond - 1 shot penalty.

If you kick the ball and it hits the floor in the pond (green hoop) you must add 1 shot to your score.



If you kick your ball in the bunker (ball pit) you must try to scoop or chip the ball out using your foot, no shots are added on for this but it is quite tough!


Be creative with the equipment and space you have, think of other things you may find on a golf course. When you have created your Footgolf hole have a go at it with your family and see who can get the lowest score! Then please take a picture of it and send it to your class teachers, I would love to see some of them and might even pick a few out to have a go at myself!


Have fun!


Foot Golf Challenge!

Week 3 - Thursday 9th April

Still image for this video
The challenge this week is to hold a plank position for as long as possible! Those of you who have been doing the Joe Wicks workouts will have some practice of this already. Watch the video to see how I got on, good luck!

Week 2 - Monday 30th March


Hi everyone,


Well done all of you who had a go at my challenge last week, I wonder if anyone beat my score of 24? 


The challenge for this week is another physical 30 second one... but this time how many press-ups can you do! When completing the press-ups, make sure you lower yourself by bending your elbows and keeping your body as flat as possible. If you find press-ups difficult you can try them with your knees bent.


My best attempt so far is 22, but I'll be trying to beat this by the end of the week! As last week, staff... I am expecting you to have a go at these challenges too. good luck everyone!

Week 1 - Monday 23rd March


Hi everyone, this first weekly challenge I am setting you is to see how many sit-ups you can do in 30 seconds. I have attempted this today and my best so far is 24, see if you can beat me!


When completing the sit ups make sure your feet are on the floor (tucking them underneath a sofa helps with this) and that your arms are folded across your chest to stop you from swinging them to help you.


Teachers.... I am expecting you to complete these challenges too, good luck everyone!